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According to this article on Time magazine, there are several ways to predict where a couple who’ve just gotten married, will divorce within a certain number of years. Negative (and mean) as that may sound, there are some factors that may or may not contribute to a happy marriage. Here’s what we got from it:

1. Marry at the right age
Apparently getting married at the “right” age matters. There was a study done by Professor Nicholas Wolfinger, who does Family and Consumer Studies and is the Adjunct Professor of Sociology at the University of Utah that found that couples should tie the knot between 28 and 32 years of age if they want to enjoy many more years ahead together. Read more about his reasons here.

2. Living together before marriage
Unless you’ve moved in together with every intention of furthering your commitment as a couple, the article says that couples end up divorcing more, if they moved in out of convenience. The reason? There will be habits each of them can’t stand, and ends up being a problem in the long run if they don’t solve it, or talk it out. (See 3 other things to note before moving in with your husband)

3. Keep the faith
It’s not about how religious you are, but how much you care about sticking and practicing your faith.

4. Save up!
Apparently if you’ve got some spare cash stashed away in your savings, you’re more likely to celebrate more years of marriage ahead. While we’re not sure if the article is accurate, apparently poorer couples divorce over more issues, which include “alcoholism, physical abuse and money problems”. (See money issues to discuss with your partner here)

5. Have a good relationship with your father
According to the article, “women with poor relationships with their fathers are more likely to get divorced from their husband. That can be reversed though, if she has enjoyed a strong bond with her groom’s family”. (See 5 touching ways to include your father in your wedding)

6. Pre-marital classes
These are important in managing the couple’s expectations when it comes to marriage, especially, if you feel you’re not on the same page when it comes to values and others. Not keen on those? Sit your future spouse down, and ask one another these questions first.