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Once upon a time, hotels were made for those wealthy enough to fly through the skies in new-fangled airplanes. However, hotels are no longer the boring dime a dozen affairs they used to be.

With airfare becoming increasingly cheaper, people all over the world are starting to get bitten big time by the wanderlust bug.

One example would be Bangkok, the shopping and tourism hub of Southeast Asia. With over 15 million visitors a year, hotels in Bangkok have upped the game for the entire hospitality industry.

Dozens of unique specialty hotels are popping up and we’re taking a look at 8 amazing boutique hotels in Bangkok, with the help of our friends over at

1. Hotel Muse Bangkok Langsuan
Officially opened in 2012, Hotel Muse is one of the newer additions to the competitive hotel industry in Bangkok. In spite of the competition, Hotel Muse has managed to set itself apart as a sanctuary for those who seek extravagance for a modest price.

Inspired by the 19th century, the hotel combines traditional Siam influences with European design, for a spirit that is elegant, distinct but yet truly Thai. Perhaps the hotel’s best feature is The Speakeasy on the 24th and 25th floors, a throwback to the roaring ’20s.

Originally $191 per night | $179.50 after Cashback

2. Shanghai Mansion Bangkok
Right in the heart of the City’s bustling Chinatown district, the aptly named Shanghai Mansion is a hidden gem that few know about. Designed to look like a lavish ’30s Shanghai lounge for the rich, the Shanghai Mansion is a shockingly affordable at just over $100 a night. The true star of the hotel, however, are its rooms.

Styled in either pre-war Colonial chic or chinoiserie elegance, the rooms are made to saturate your senses and transport you back to an era long gone.

Originally $102.80 per night | $96.50 after Cashback

3. Maduzi Hotel Bangkok
For those looking to stay incognito during your visit to Bangkok, look no further than the Maduzi Hotel. The hotel has a strict no walk-in policy, to ensure the privacy of all its guests, be it for business or pleasure.

Sometimes, it’s almost as if the hotel doesn’t want to be found. Once inside, you will notice a distinctive Asian-influenced design aesthetic with just a touch of Scandinavian simplicity, for a pure and serene appeal.

To top it all off, the Hotel’s acclaimed restaurant by Chef Yuya Okuda serves astonishing French-Japanese fusion, for that touch of perfection.

Originally $133.70 per night | $125.60 after Cashback

4. The Siam
Grand arches, dandy gramophones and classy pillars are everywhere around The Siam. A brilliant choice to take inspiration from the much-beloved art deco era, The Siam is a place you’d imagine Jay Gatsby checking into if he holidayed in Bangkok.

The hotel restaurant and watering hole, aptly named the Deco Bar & Bistro, emulates the same Jazz Age feel, decked from head to toe with vintage French artwork, transistors and gramophones. Complete with jazz tunes, The Siam is worth every cent, for a perfect old world experience.

Originally $705.10 per night | $662.80 after Cashback

5. Cabochon Hotel & Residence
Right smack in the middle of one of Bangkok’s premier shopping districts, Cabochon Hotel is the dream come true for all shopaholics looking for somewhere to call home.

Located minutes away from Sukhumvit MRT Station, guests will be spoilt for choice with several shopping centres and markets all within walking distance.

Originally $150.00 per night | $141.00 after Cashback

6. Hansar Bangkok Hotel
Not one for fancy decoration or extravagant themes, the Hansar Bangkok prides itself on its personalised services for each individual guest, tailoring the experience to just your liking. With amenities aplenty, the Hansar Hotel is a home away from home. Topped off with two different restaurants and a spectacular lounge, the Hansar Hotel is the place to be.

Originally $205.20 per night | $192.90 after Cashback

7. Praya Palazzo
Once a crumbling mansion, untouched for over 30 years, the Praya Palazzo has been reborn as a Royal Palace for the everyday man.

With the detailed renovation, vintage furnishings and rustic ambiance, the Praya Palazzo aims to wow locals and tourists alike with its refined façade and gardens. Right on the edge of the river, this hotel offers a unique alfresco fine dining experience that is not to be missed.

Originally $126.00 per night | $118.40 after Cashback

8. Riva Surya Bangkok
Muted and subtle, the Riva Surya Bangkok is one hotel that seeks to showcase their proud Thai heritage, but doesn’t feel the need to shout about it. Located just a stone’s throw away from the Grand Palace, this hotel is a great choice for travellers looking to live like they are practically royalty.

Being in the centre of the city, the Riva Surya is accessible no matter where you are coming from or where you are headed to.

Originally $125.00 per night | $117.50 after Cashback

With so many wonderful and unique choices, it’s a miracle how anyone can decide where they would like to stay during their visit to the City of Angels. No matter your budget or tastes, this comprehensive list is everything you need for your pick of lodging in Bangkok.

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