Going on a holiday with your boyfriend for the first time sounds super exciting. You get to spend 24/7 with him while exploring, playing, and eating to your heart’s content—what could go wrong right?
However, there’s a saying that goes that you don’t really know a person until you have travelled with them. Be it a budding or long-term relationship, both parties might find out things that they never knew about each other, and end up looking at the relationship in a new light.
Nonetheless, having certain expectations could help you to prepare for your first trip together. Everyone wants their first couple trip to be a great memory instead of a nightmare. Here are eight things to expect when you travel with your partner for the first time. 


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You might not be interested in the same destination or activities

Before deciding on where to go, make sure that you choose a place that both of you are keen on. This is a trip for the both of you and you other half isn’t there to accompany you to visit the places or do the things you want to do (and vice versa). Plan an itinerary that accommodates both your interests so you’ll both enjoy the trip even more. You might even find yourself enjoying something you normally won’t have thought of doing. 


You need to talk about money

Even if your boyfriend is usually the one offering to foot the bill when you go on dates, don’t just assume that he will do the same on your vacay. Talk to him about setting an agreed budget, and decide if the costs will be split evenly, or if one will take care of the flights and another the accommodation, etc. Maybe you might feel worried that you will come across as calculative by being so specific about money matters, but unless he has explicitly expressed that he is willing to cover all the costs on the trip, being clear about money before the trip can save yo from a lot of potential arguments later on. 



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Your pace of travelling might not be the same

You might like to keep things free-and-easy and chill while on holiday, but he wants to plan an itinerary down to the last minute and squeeze in as many activities as possible. Don’t just to be the easy-going person and just choose to go along with his flow. More often than not, you will be less than enthusiastic about the hectic pace on the trip and both of you will end up getting upset with each other. Talk to each other and agree on what is an acceptable pace and itinerary to make for a more enjoyable trip. 



Your ways of handling stress might be different

There is always the chance of unforeseen situations or emergencies happening whenever you travel to a foreign country. Everyone puts on their best behaviour on dates but you can really see a person’s true character when they have to deal with unexpected and stressful situations. For example, if you came down with food poisoning, would he willingly take care of you until you recover, or would he do it reluctantly because he doesn’t want to miss out on his holiday? Or if in a situation where you accidentally lose your important belongings, would he handle it in a calm manner or would he panic and lose his cool? However, you should remember that this is also his chance to observe you to see how you deal with stress. 

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You might have different habits

If this is also your first time staying together for an extended period of time, you might find that he doesn’t wipe the sink after he shaves or she’s a clutterbug who leaves her clothes on the bedroom floor. If you haven’t yet already lived together, these may come as a surprise (or may we say, shock?) to you – but bear in mind that your partner has to accept your quirks too. So either address them and set ground rules (for when you eventually move in together) or let them be if they don’t get on your last nerve. 



You might not want to be together 24/7

There’s nothing wrong with wanting some personal space on your trip, especially if the both of you feel like doing different things at the moment. You don’t have to feel obligated to spend every waking moment with each other just because you are on a trip together. If you want to check out the bookstore while he’s more of a video game junkie, by all means go your separate ways for a while and meet up again later. Just be sure that you remain contactable at all times, or agree to check in with each other after some time to see if you are done. 


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Don’t spend too much time using your phone

We get that it’s your first trip together and you want to make memories by documenting every part of the trip. However, don’t keep taking photos to post on Instagram or get so preoccupied posting Instagram stories that you neglect to spend time with the person in front of you.  
Even if you have unlimited data for the trip, you don’t need to make full use of it by checking your social media or WhatsApp-ing your friends every 15 minutes. Put your phone in your bag, be in the moment and just enjoy your trip with your partner.


You might end up having a fight

There can be many reasons why you may get upset and argue with each other. It can range from reasons like getting lost while trying to find a location although he was in-charge of reading the map, or the two of you spending an hour walking around because you couldn’t decide on what to eat and he was tired and hungry. No matter what the reason is, resist the urge to walk away especially if you have no way of contacting each other and are in an unfamiliar place.  You will definitely need a lot of compromise when you travel with another person. Ultimately, just remember that most of the time, a lot of arguments can be avoided by both parties adopting a more relaxed attitude and accepting that things may not always go according to plan. 

This story originally appeared on Cleo Singapore. Additional reporting: Michelle Lee