Most local brides prefer to have their hair up for their wedding day – it looks more formal and is a change from their usual daily style. But if you look good your current or everyday hairstyle, why opt for something drastically different? After all, not every bride looks good with her hair in a French twist or chignon.

Unless it’s a pulled back ponytail, most women tend to look older with their hair up in a voluminous and stiff style. Local brides seem to prefer this look as they believe it makes them look more formal, lengthens their face and adds height!

However, some women can look older in these elegant and sophisticated styles that are usually associated with more mature women. While up-dos are not always the best style for brides, they do work well for:

– very formal occasions with an elegant and sophisticated dress code,
– dresses with statement or attention-grabbing back details,
– brides looking to wear statement necklaces, and would like to show off the entire piece,
– brides with long slim necks and wish to flaunt their neck and shoulders with an off-shoulder gown,
– brides looking to wear grand and classic gowns with intricate details and long trains, as well as grand lacy veils.

Here, our hairstyle suggestions for different brides and weddings.


Sleek and chic for modern brides
If you still prefer an up-do but with a more youthful look, work with your stylist to create something that will suit your features. An option is to have hair pulled back into a high or low bun but slicked sleek with lots of hair shine. This will create a more polished and modern look that would work well with simple, minimalist gowns or dramatic dresses where the focus should be on the outfit. You can also add some glittering hair accessories to match the high shine look.


A younger do for hipster brides
A free and easy tousled up-do style with loose side strands always looks girly and younger – it’s a breezier style that would work well for semi-formal occasions and outdoor events. Slip on a flower wreath for a more rustic look, or a pretty hair band for a hipster feel.

Instead of hairspray to keep hair up and strands in place, try creative braids and hair twists to create a less-stiff look with more volume and texture. You can easily insert flowers into the braids without using pins.


Pretty down dos for the princess bride
Some women do look better with their hair down than pulled away from their faces, as Asian women tend to have broader faces and features. Having your hair down at the sides will give an illusion of a smaller face – something most women prefer.

You can also have a loose ponytail to match your romantic wedding dresses; just tie the ponytail with pretty satin bows with a cluster of tiny florets

For formal dos, ask your stylist to set your hair overnight in loose, dramatic big waves for a glamorous look – think old Hollywood stars like Lauran Bacall and Marilyn Monroe.

For less formal celebrations, straight flowing hair cut beautifully, can look simple and modern as well. Straighten hair (or iron your tresses flat) a few days before the wedding, then add volume with hair products on the day itself. A pretty tiara or sparkling hairband completes the look. The look matches pretty tulle ballgowns and princess brides perfectly.

PHOTO: Pinterest Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Wavy, tousled down dos for the beach bride
Less formal celebrations such as beach or seaside weddings call for simpler (but as pretty) styles. Loose waves, or “messy hairstyles” exude a more youthful and carefree look that matches the occasion. You can dress it up with a flower blossom in your hair, include a waterfall braid, or leave it as is.