1. You can get magnificent pictures
Let’s admit it, the backdrop for your engagement picture is definitely an important factor when deciding where to propose. This is the moment you and your partner will remember for a lifetime, so why not have a beautiful photo to remind you of it?

2. Bragging rights
Now, we’re not suggesting you flaunt your awe-inspiring proposal in everyone’s faces. But these days, where life’s biggest milestones are generally shared on social media, we’re guessing your engagement announcement should rank high enough on your list of significant moments to warrant a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

3. A one-of-a-kind proposal
It’s not everyday that you get to witness the rare Aurora Borealis. And, with everyone doing sunset or beach proposals, consider trying something different instead. If you do manage to catch the beautiful display, you can be sure you’ve got one of the most unique proposal stories to tell. Plus, if you don’t go within 2015 and 2016, it may be your last chance, for the lights are said to dim for the next ten years or so. (See other proposal ideas here.)

4. So romantic!
If you’re all for sweeping your partner off your feet, proposing under the Northern Lights will do just that. Considering the fact that you put in so much effort into that once-in-a-lifetime proposal, who would say no?

5. Southern alternatives
Proposing under the majestic Aurora Borealis is not only limited to winter lovers. If you prefer not to be freezing your toes off while getting down on one knee, the Southern Lights can also be seen from New Zealand or Tasmania in Australia. Plus point: it is so much nearer too.

Need help planning a trip to the Northern Lights? Here are some tips:

1. Look for a specialised tour group. There are such tours from Singapore including these ones from Chan Brothers, Dynasty Travel and Flight Centre. You may also wish to opt for a local tour, such as Eskimos Iceland and Gateway to Iceland) that will make your proposal possible. Going with a local guide will most likely ensure you get a clear view of the Aurora Borealis, as they are more familiar with the nights and places the Northern Lights are bound to appear.

2. Do your research. The Northern Lights don’t appear all year round, so it’s important to know when the best times to go are.

3. Prepare yourselves. By that, I mean dress warmly. I’ve heard of proposals going not-so-well, as it was too cold to even move.