When discussing her wedding details, Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen once revealed that she will have “the world’s most beautiful bridesmaids“. It turned out to be true when her wedding entourage comprising celebrities like Gillian Chung, Joe Chen, Sonia Yuen and Hu Bing Qing were revealed at her wedding in Beijing on July 19, 2016.

While the bride’s supposed to be the prettiest on her big day, part of the spotlight also went to her squad, prompting netizens to comment that Michelle’s bridesmaids stole the limelight instead.


Though you’d like your girls to look and feel glamorous, it should still be your day. Here, ways to stand out from your bridesmaids

1. Opt for a bold colour scheme
This way people won’t confuse you with the others and vice versa. This means nothing white, cream, blush, ivory, or even pink. Some brides even go so far as to have their bridesmaids wear black or dark blue dresses, which look as elegant, but clearly shows who the bride is. (See also: how to choose your bridesmaids’ dresses)

2. Go short instead
It may also be easy to get lost amongst the group if your ‘maids are all wearing floor-length dresses, especially during your wedding ceremony in the day. Consider having them wear frocks, or tea-length dresses instead, which will still look sophisticated. (See bridesmaids’ dresses we love for under $60)

3. Opt for a wedding dress or accessories with more details
We’re not talking about crystals and diamantes covering every inch of your bodice or gown. If you can or want, include a train or floor-length veil to go with your dress.

4. Hair and makeup
If you’re providing makeup for your girls, ask your makeup artist to see if she can give you a different colour palette that suits your look. Alternatively, have your girls wear slightly less makeup. With your hair, go in opposite directions. If you’re letting yours down, have them wear theirs up and vice versa. (see pretty floral hairstyles for your weddingbeautiful veils to match your hairstyle

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