Realistically speaking, marriage takes work and conscious effort because we’re innately selfish. 

On that note of gloom, there are, thankfully, plenty of things that will keep your relationship happy and strong.

A little goes a long way, and these 10 things will make your marriage outlast a lifetime! 


You spend time together – even for the small things

Making it a point to spend time together matters in maintaining your relationship. 

Being part of each other’s life is a privilege and something you should consciously put effort into. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as its spent together. 

Whether its cleaning the house together or a casual weekday dinner date; more importantly, you relish being in each other’s company. 


You laugh over the same things

Humor is one of the few good things in life that gets you going even when things look grim or tense. 

Being able to laugh often and be your genuine kooky self around each other will keep any relationship happy and healthy! 


You communicate openly 

A relationship is nothing without communication and a strong relationship is one that sees you being able to tell each other things, good and bad. 

There’s no emotional connection without depth of understanding and that starts from having a solid and open two-way communication channel between you. 



You’re affectionate with each other

Always let your partner know how much you love and care about them. 

Be it from holding hands to light caresses and bear hugs, greeting each other at the start and end of your day and saying I love you; make affection a constant in your relationship! 

You never know when your partner is especially in need of some affection. Plus, its always a heart-warming feeling to know that someone loves you in this deeply rewarding way. 


You have a healthy sex life 

A good sex life is so important for a happy and healthy relationship.

Intimacy and excitement in the bedroom maintains your passion for each other, both physically and emotionally.

Making the other person feel sexy and beautiful keeps their self-confidence up and you’ll both be happier for it. 


You’re open to trying new things 

Marriage can fall into a routine that may become tedious and boring in time. Being open to fresh and spontaneous activities will help curb that sense of monotony.

It is also a good way to broaden your life experiences and see things from new perspectives. 


You have shared experiences and hobbies

Having individual lives and hobbies is important, but you should also have activities that you enjoy doing together. Having shared experiences and memories are the things that you build on your bond on. 

Like the time you went rock climbing, and one of you got stuck on the wall but instead of trying to rescue them you’re laughing while filming it down first? 

Or, how about the time both of you capsized while kayaking and had no idea how to flip the boat around so you pushed it to shore instead. 

Life is made up of moments like these and there’s no better feeling than knowing someone is there to laugh over the same memories with you. 


You respect each other 

Respecting your partner means giving them the due admiration and love they deserve. It also means trusting in their choices and principals and supporting them in the decisions they make. 

After all, you should be lifting each other up and becoming the best version of yourselves. 



You also respect each other’s space 

Being in a relationship also means you need to set clear boundaries on having your own personal time.

Learning to be apart to recharge does a whole lot of good to your sense of individuality and your relationship! 


Their happiness matters to you

What’s the point of being with each other if you’re more miserable together? Sometimes its as simple as that. 

Having found someone who makes you happy is a gift and one that you should never take for granted. 

The moment you’re unwilling to commit to their happiness (not at the expense of your own, of course), is the moment you’re letting go of working at your relationship. 

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