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Planning for a wedding can get stressful, and your bride may be suffering from burnout, more often than not. While we’re not saying you should be expected to pull out the stops, these are the little gestures that may be welcome from time to time.

Here, a list of our suggestions.

1. Leave little notes

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They don’t have to come every day, but little post-its in unexpected places (like on the mirror in the bathroom, on the dressing table, in the kitchen, by the keys) with encouraging and loving messages will help lift one’s spirits immensely. 

2. Get her flowers, or chocolate, or whatever she likes

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We’re not saying you should give lavish gifts and often. Think little, everyday presents that show her you’re thinking of her while you’re at the supermarket, or wherever you are, when you’re apart.

3. Show your support

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These can come in many ways. Offer your help with some of the tasks you know you might be better at, like planning the seating arrangements, doing up the website or wedding video, and so on.

Let your bride feel that you’re just as involved in the wedding planning as she is! 

4. Write letters to one another

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

In this day and age where technology’s made it easy for communication, hand-written letters are a rarity.

Putting your affections from pen to paper make the gesture so much more romantic than a kissy emoticon, or exchanging “I love yous” via text or whatsapp.

5. Take over the chores

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It doesn’t matter if you’ve been splitting the housework by half, or someone’s been doing most of it, but wedding planning can get tedious, and she’d have no time (and mood) for it after handling most of the tasks.

Help her out at times by picking up the slack. She’ll thank you for it.