Rings from (from top): Love & Co, Soo Kee Jewellery, SK Jewellery, Citigems, and Love & Co. Micronised loose powder from Make Up Store. Photo: Her World Brides March – May 2013.

Seek help!
I’ve had a friend’s boyfriend text me on the sly to ask about his girlfriend’s preferred ring choice. As he knew I was working for a bridal magazine, he sought help on the different type of styles, gem options, as well as jewellers to consider. Guys, there is no shame in asking.

Look out for hints!
If you’ve both been discussing marriage, chances are, she’s already looking around for the perfect ring. It’s really up to you to pick up on them. For instance, she may drop names of her favourite jewellers, sigh at how gorgeous a certain celebrity’s ring might be (note: even if the said ring is out of your league, there are other options that may suit your budget – just note the design!), surreptitiously leave magazine spreads that are conveniently left open to the jewellery pages, and so on.

Ask her friends
Like point one, her friends are probably your best reference. In this case, ask friends who are familiar with her taste and style, who know what she wants, then pick out a few potential settings for her.

Get on Pinterest!
There are two ways: You can ask her directly for her Pinterest board, or try looking for hers anyway. Chances are, if she’s expecting something, there should be a few ring pins already.