Got engaged? 7 things to do first

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You said yes and now there’s a ring on your finger from the love of your life. Savour this moment fully and enjoy every second of it – your new fiance, your status as an engaged woman and the new stage of your life together that is about to start.

Once the initial giddiness and excitement have settled down, here are 7 things you can start off with before planning for your wedding proper!


#1 Just the two of you

This engagement signifies a brand new stage of your relationship. Before the rest of the world gets in on the news, take your time to have an intimate time of celebration between the two of you.

Head to a favorite spot or pop open a bottle of champagne in bed – the time and moment is yours and yours alone. After all, there’s so much to look forward to and plan for.


#2 Share the news with your loved ones

Before posting that heady, delirium-filled engagement ring selfie on Instagram announcing your newly engaged status, consider sharing the news with your closest and dearest over the phone or if possible, face to face.

They will definitely want in on this happy news.


Got engaged? 7 things to do first

photo: Her World Brides Dec’16


#3 Set a budget

Here’s when the real adult stuff comes in – setting a wedding budget. It is best to have a realistic picture where you guys stand in terms of how much you are ready to spend.

This number will affect every decision you make in relation to your wedding celebrations so it is best to have a full agreement on a comfortable figure.



Got engaged? 7 things to do first

photo: Her World Brides Mar’14


#4 Set a timetable

This starts with choosing a wedding date. There are many factors to consider, and certain things have different priorities to everyone.

From the most basic of things: like having a weekday night banquet reception or a weekend lunch reception, to the more complex ritual of choosing an auspicious wedding date via your feng shui master, this process could be time consuming.

You may even select it based on your venue of choice.

Tip: Cut down to a selected range of date and work from there.

Remember that it is impossible to please everyone and ultimately you should figure out what’s most important to you. (In fact, check out our 12-month wedding planning checklist)


Got engaged? 7 things to do first

Image: Her World Brides Sept’16


#5 Choose your wedding theme and type!

Perhaps even before settling on a venue, it will make things easier for the both of you to dream up of the wedding you’d like to have.

Here are some key questions to consider: Big or small? Outdoors or indoors? Traditional or modern? Casual or fancy or something in between?

Search your heart and soul and indulge in your wildest fantasies – within budget of course.


Got engaged? 7 things to do first

Image: Her World Brides Mar’16


#6 Hire the important people

Many top wedding venues and photographers are usually booked more than a year in advance.

If you’re not willing to lose the opportunity to have them onboard, work out your wedding priorities (Venue? Photographs? Quality of food? Wedding flowers?) and book them as soon as you can.

Procrastinating on this might cause nasty shocks.

Don’t forget about your bridal party! Whatever methods it takes (nothing beyond human rights), book your closest girlfriends and brothers once you’ve settled on a range of dates.



Got engaged? 7 things to do first

photo: Her World Brides Dec’16


#7 Consider a wedding planner

One of the main regrets of brides was the choice to go without a wedding planner. In the end, they found themselves too overwhelmed by wedding prep to be able to fully immerse in their own wedding celebration.

DIY touches are good and fine, but taking on the entire load might not always be the best idea. 


Got engaged? 7 things to do first

photo: Her World Brides Dec’16


Through it all, we’d like for you to retain your sanity and happiness during the wedding planning process.

While your big day is important, you should not allow its importance to be prioritised over the relationship. Having the perfect banquet dinner does not equate to perfect happiness!

When decisions seem impossible to make, take a step back, down your alcohol of choice by the beach, or at the kopitiam, and have a good chat with your partner to settle the issues at hand.