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This goes against the grain (sorry, not sorry) of many other monthly or weekly subscriptions – you choose what you like from their ever-changing menu each day, add a few simple clicks and you’ve got a tasty, nutritious and freshly-prepared meal on the way to you. The helpful folks even provide a full list of ingredients, calories and nutrition info (for you macro-counting brides!) as well as major allergens for each dish. Plus, they promise island-wide deliveries in under 45 minutes.

P.S. They do wedding catering too, if you’re planning for a healthy way to celebrate your  big day. (Plus, see these 8 famous restaurants that offer wedding catering too)

Prices range from about $10 to $14. Halal-certified. Visit



If its name (short for AHHMAHGAWD) is anything to go by, you can expect seriously good eats here, created in partnership with award-winning chefs. There are selections of meats like grilled chicken and pan-seared salmon for your protein fix, as well as salads, pastas and wraps that’ll make you fall for clean eating. 

There are also various packages (or AMGD Passes) to choose from – the more meals you commit to, the more you save.

From $17 per meal to $625 for 50 meals ($12.50 per meal). Halal-certified. Visit 


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Not sure how many calories you should be taking in per meal? This halal-certified delivery service does the work for you, factoring in pointers like your height, age, weight and activity level before whipping up tasty cooked food delivered right to your doorstep.   

Daily meal combos (this includes lunch, snacks and dinner) start at $19.90. Visit


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Need post-workout fuel? FitThree delivers to pickup points near selected gyms, yoga studios and the like, including F45, Crossfit gyms and Triplefit. And while you can’t get them delivered to your home or office, you can select your most convenient pick up spot. 

You’ll get to choose from low-carb options to an “Omnitarian”(for those with no specific dietary restrictions) or vegetarian menu for a three or five day plan. 

$12.90 per meal. Visit


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How this website works: Calculate your macronutrient needs with its calculator, browse its menu options, then build your own meal according to your macronutrient requirements! The team will then cook, weigh and pack your meals for the week – the menu rotates every week and there are morning and evening delivery slots across the week. 

From $10 to $25 a meal. Visit


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So you’ve got your healthy meals down pat. But what about the times you find yourself craving for a snack in between meals? Instead of reaching for a sugary doughnut (or two), hop on this snack subscription service that starts at $19.90 per box of nutritional goodies – think tasty fruit chips, crisps and even flavoured popcorn! Delivery frequency ranges from once a week to once every two months.