Love is in the air fo rIndonesian’s national airline Garuda Indonesia, which is is planning to turn its fleet into a wedding destination for couples after a unique celebration.



Speaking to reporters on Friday (12 Oct), Garuda’s president director Ari Askhara said (as reported by Kumparan), “We’re currently in talks with several wedding organizers. We will offer interesting packages, and we won’t be looking for profit in the beginning. We’ll prioritize on giving a new experience and product.”

The airline has also doled out in-flight concerts, which according to Askhara, were fully booked despite tickets being costlier than regular airfare.


The plan for in-flight weddings is still up in the air though, as there still several factors to consider. He highlights “When it comes to a wedding ceremony, the date and location need to be clear (for administrative purposes). It may be more complicated up there. Is it held in Yogyakarta or maybe Surabaya if [the bride and groom] are flying to Denpasar?”

Believing that the package could be a hit among upper-middle class millennial passengers, he also noted that there’s a possibility of regular ticket prices charged per wedding guest, or that the service would only be available on chartered flights. 

This comes after a slew of incidents, including a viral photo posted by a video blogger, which showcased a handwritten menu that he was handed in business class, and serving in-flight meals from the Japanese fast food chain HokBen in business class. 

Cover image: Justin Lim for Unsplash