Her World Brides x Dr Ci Labo special

As beautiful makeup needs beautiful skin, looking your best on your big day means taking your skincare seriously from now on. 

No time for a full-fledged routine with multiple products to apply? Meet your new best friend: Labo Labo Super-Moist-Gel by Dr.Ci:Labo*. It tackles early signs of ageing in just one step.

Multipurpose expert

Once you’re done cleansing, this multitasking gem from the Labo Labo series is your lotion, moisturiser, essence, brightening agent and makeup base.

Moisturising powerhouse

Already being called a lightweight moisturising powerhouse, it gives skin a much-needed revitalising boost, and locks in moisture over an extended period of time. 

Of course, to be such a hardworking product, you can expect the dermatologist-developed Super-Moist-Gel to be rich in beauty ingredients. The 5H in its name stands for five types of hyaluronic acid that increase plumpness, firmness and suppleness, and restore moisture all  the way down to the corneal layer of the epidermis, preventing dehydration and the invasion of bacteria as well as other harmful microorganisms. 

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Complexion perfector

The 5C stands for five types of collagen, which trap moisture for a longer time, and prompt your skin’s own collagen and elastin production to help reduce the appearance of early lines and wrinkles, as well as make your skin soft, smooth, plump and resilient. 

In addition, the product contains Ceracute® that instantly lifts and firms, and CyPA® that increases the skin’s moisturising abilities from deep within.

All of the above and more make Labo Labo Super-Moist-Gel the first product of its kind in Japan to simultaneously contain this many types of ingredients.

Even better, the Super-Moist-Gel is free of fragrance, colouring, and mineral oil, it is suitable for most skin types, too.

Labo Labo Super-Moist-Gel is $34.90 and available at Dr.Ci:Labo, #B3-41 Ion Orchard, tel: 6238-8395, online at www.ci-labo.com.sg, and at selected Watsons stores.

You can also stay updated on launches and events via www.ci-labo.com.sg, Ci Labo’s Facebook page, and Instagram.

*Dr.Ci:Labo is the No. 1 brand in Medical Cosmetics in Japan, according to Yano Research Institute Ltd. Cosmetic Industry 2015, and a pioneer of all-in-one gels in the country. Labo Labo is 100 per cent made in Japan and developed by a certified group of Japanese dermatologists.

This story was first published in Her World Brides Dec 2016.

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