#1 Hada Labo Blemish & Oil Control Hydrating Foaming Wash, $15.90 for 160ml

No need for lathering here. It dispenses a light and ultra-fine foam, which has added botanical extracts and Squalane, a plant-derived saturated oil that’s said to regulate excess sebum production as well as boost hydration.

My skin felt clean but baby soft- no tightness or dryness! And I woke up the next morning with a noticeably less oily complexion. So if you’re after a gorgeous bridal glow, this one gets my thumbs up!

#2 Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, $23 for 50ml or $63 for 150ml 

It’s got a hefty price tag, but for brides with sensitive, easily irritated skin (you’ll also want to try these gentle, brightening facial peels), this ultra-gentle cleanser is worth the investment. It’s loaded with amino acid-rich soy proteins (amino acids are an important component for boosting collagen and in turn, skin elasticity), while rosewater, cucumber extract and borage seed oil help keep your skin calm, nourished and happy. 

The first thing that hit me upon application was the smell of cucumber – great for those of you who like the refreshing scent. If you’re used to products that lather up (a.k.a me), this will take some getting used to. I’d use this in the morning for a mild cleansing, but not for taking off heavy makeup.


Fancl Powder Facial Wash

Here’s how you use it: Soak the facial massaging puff with warm water, squeeze to get rid of the excess, then rub a teaspoon of powder in so it suds up, then gently massage over your face. It acts like a gentle exfoliator to rid your skin of dead skin cells as well as all the gunk you’ve accumulated throughout the day. 

Post-rinsing, the texture of skin was smoother, but it did feel slightly dry. Nothing a good serum and moisturiser can’t solve, though. It’s also an extra step for lazy girls like me, but hey, a clean, glowing mien on your wedding day’s well worth the effort, amiright?

Caolion Triple Action Cleansing Stick (Charcoal), $37 

It’s a balm, oil and foaming wash all in one nifty stick – somewhat like double cleansing. Roll the balm over your face, massage with dry hands so it turns into an oil (this dissolves your makeup), then massage with wet hands and it’ll start lathering. It also has charcoal scrubs for gentle exfoliation. 

My complexion felt really soft, fresh and supple after each wash. Did it nix my annoyingly stubborn blackheads? Well, I didn’t see a tremendous improvement but the problem wasn’t exacerbated. Bonus point: It’s really handy for travelling, too.


Nivea Pearl White Oil Clear Super Mousse, $9.90 for 150ml, and Caring Whip, $7.90 for 100ml

The series includes hydrating and brightening versions, but if you have oily skin woes like me, pick the White Oil Clear series.

The super mousse doles out an ultra-fine yet dense foam that feels pretty luxurious, with tiny particles that penetrate deeply into your pores to remove grime and impurities. It’s formulated with Carnitine (to combat oiliness), licorice (for brightening and moisture) as well as Nivea’s patented ingredient Hyra IQ, which promises to deliver 3X more moisture compared to its original Cleanser Formula. The mousse is also free of alcohol, soap, colourants, mineral oil, silicone and paraben. 


Cover image:  paolopagani/123rf.com