It’s the Year of the Fire Rooster, and feng shui expert Dato Joey Yap has mapped out a basic understanding of how the Qi (energy) in 2017 will affect you in the home, on matters like health, wealth, and careers. See his notes on the home, below!

SOUTHEAST – Investment & Promotion

-Energy of the sector will allow full growth in wealth

-Profits are boosted through investments or business cycles

-Healthy career development will provide great joy

-Conducive for planning marriage or starting a family

SOUTH – Calamity

-Bears the most negative energy of the year

-Most inauspicious sector to begin endeavours with

-Avoid renovations or ground-breaking works in this sector

-Negative energy can be repressed with heavy metal objects


-Inflicts adverse effects on emotional and physical wellbeing

-Introduces a plague of various illnesses

-Causes ruthless competition at work that wil impact your life

-Arguments are bound to occur with partner if bedroom is placed here

EAST – Wealth

-Fruitful if activated as the main Wealth sector of the year

-Maximizing sector benefits will increase wealth accumulation

-Professional pursuits will flourish in this Wealth sector

-Solid foundation will be in place for future promotions at work

WEST – Arguments

-Sector contains negative energy of the three jade star

-Promotes conflicts, arguments, and heated disagreements

-Legal complications will cause health problems

-Placement of oil lamps will suppress negative energies

NORTHEAST – Academic

-Encourages scholarly and academic pursuits

-Boosts endeavors in humanities, literary and artistic fields

-The Main Door here will result in fulfilling journey for distant travels

-Promotes meaningful and fulfilling relationship with love interest (see also: 10 sweet relationship lessons from Barack and Michelle Obama)

NORTH – Career/Authority

-Profitable career prospects throughout the year

-Initiatives at work will be recognised by superiors

-Social influence will improve by using this sector as the office Main Door

-Causes minimal complications in the form of upheavals in the office


-Turbulent energies will inflict severe health complications

-Aggravations of existing medical conditions

-Expectant mothers and babies may face pregnancy issues (see also: financial tips if you’re planning to have a baby after marriage)

-Negative energies can be suppressed by placing heavy metal objects

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