1. DIY cocktail bar

Get the drinks flowing and you’re halfway there to a merry and jolly time! 

Setting up your own cocktail bar is a great personal touch and makes for a nice change from the usual wine and beer choices – just like June & Choo Kiat, who prepared a DIY gin and tonic bar during their wedding dinner party. 

Her World Brides Sept’18, photos by Bittersweet Photography 


2. Online Quiz

Singaporeans are well-versed in the art of multiple choice questions so how about putting your guests to the test?

Get ready a set of questions and flash them on screen. The questions can range from your relationship, personalities – whatever floats your love boat. 

Her World Brides Dec’18, photo by Bloc Memoire Photography from Jocina Tan’ & Kuo Tzu Wei’s wedding

It will be interactive and your guests can learn more about your love story, too. 

There are many websites that can do this so its just a matter of formulating your questions and answers. If you’re kind, you can even include prizes! 


3. Couple Bingo

If going digital isn’t your thing, a good ol’fashioned game of bingo on paper is a good way to let your guests have some fun too. 

Fill in the spaces with things like “I was in the same class as the groom in school”, “I’ve got drunk with the bride on more than 5 occasions”, “I’ve known the couple for more than 10 years” etc, and the first 3 guests who completes the game get to walk away with prizes. 


4. Interview your guests for their marriage advice

Now that wedding prep is done and dusted with, how about soliciting some no-holds barred marriage advice from your guests?

Her World Brides Dec’18, photo by Wayne Studio from Fion Ye & Tay Xiu Long’s wedding

Get your emcees to go around the tables with a microphone to ask your guests and you just might be surprised at the replies they dole out. 


5. Alternative ideas to the video montage

Had enough of childhood photo montages? Consider alternative ideas like an illustrated animation or voice-over narration that are just as personal and creative.