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1. Punctuality matters
It’s finally the biggest day of your life! The worst mistake your MOH can make is to be late. After all, she is your right hand woman for the day!

This is one of those days you might want to tell her to set 10 alarms (if she’s a heavy sleeper) just in case. 

2. Reassurance blanket
On the most important day of your life, there is ALWAYS room for sugar coating.

If your flowers don’t match your dress, you don’t want to know, and certainly not before you’re about to walk down the aisle! If she thinks your dress makes your butt look big, it’s not something you should be hearing, too!

Your MOH can be your reassurance blanket to let you know that everything is going to fine and dispel any irrational last-minute worries you might be having on your big day.

Just have her remember: Your wedding is one of those days where honesty might not always be the best policy.

3. Take charge
Your MOH can be a liaison for you and your bridesmaids. Let them know that any minor decisions and issues can be taken to your MOH instead of you unless it comes down to important problems.

Let her take charge in your place, this takes off a lot stress allowing you to focus on enjoying your big day. 


4. Prepare a wedding survivor kit
Bobby pins, hair ties, breath mints, alcohol (nothing calms nerves like a little vodka), deodorant, band-aids, safety pins, etc.

Just some handy things your MOH can carry in case of any emergencies on that day.

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5. Nanny for the day
In between entertaining guests and dealing with the wedding ceremony preparations, food might probably be the last thing on your mind.

Your MOH is your nanny for the day, ask for her help in making sure you remember your basic necessities like water and food.

The last thing you want is to be remembered for being the bride who fainted on her wedding day.

6. Remind the groom
A well appreciated effort would be if your MOH could remind your groom to initiate some romantic gestures like writing you a short letter and deliver it to you via your bridesmaid when both of you are getting ready for the ceremony.

Let your MOH know if you would like such little touches so she can do the hinting. 

7. Show enthusiasm
Expect a day of nerves, anxiety and worries. Being the most stressful day of your life, some enthusiasm is alway refreshing.

Your MOH can calm you as well as the other bridesmaids’ nerves by bringing some well appreciated energy to the table.

Laughter is the best medicine for unwelcomed nervousness.