Photo: Pinterest

1. Flying drones
Instead of the usual snaps from the ground, get a bird’s eye view of your celebrations for your wedding video or extra photos. Take an overhead shot of the bride and groom walking down the aisle, or a heart-shaped formation of loved ones around the newlyweds. The possibilities are endless! Just ensure you get a good controller, who won’t run amok with the machine, or fly the dratted thing too low that it prevents your guests from having a good time.

2. Realistic wedding toppers 
Tired of the usual wedding toppers? Here’s an idea you’ll love: wedding toppers sculptured after you and your groom. This uses a technology that requires you to step into a 3-D scanner, where you’ll then be photographed from every angle. You can have your wedding toppers in whatever pose you want that represents you as a couple. 

3. GoPro bouquets
Here’s an idea to perfectly capture the genuine emotions of the bride throughout the wedding day. Hide a GoPro in your bridal bouquet and let it run for much of the day. This will give a first person perspective of not only the aisle walk, but also the rest of the festivities. This will add a uniquely personal flair to your wedding video! Don’t forget to remove it if you’re tossing your bouquet during the reception, or leaving it somewhere as a centrepiece!

4. Wedding planning apps and wedding websites
Wedding apps can help you take all the nitty-gritty details to one place, which helps ease the stress! Gone were the days where you scramble all over the place to get your logistics together. Wed Happy and WedPics are two apps that may help! Having a wedding site will also help you loads, when it comes to disseminating information. See the things to include here.

5. Live-streaming
In a perfect world, all your loved ones will be able to share your special day with you. However, due to circumstances and other commitments, not everyone will be able to make it. You can now stream your ceremony online, so even those far away can shed tears of joy when you say “I do!”. This is especially useful for destination weddings! 

6. Wedding hashtag
Ah, the reign of Instagram. These days, a wedding is incomplete without a wedding hashtag. Here are our tips to come up with a unique one. Additionally, there are a few wedding generators out there for you to play around with! Try Wedding Hashtag Wall or Pastbook.