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If you’ve exhausted all your diet tips and tricks, researchers have proven that this simple ingredient from your kitchen could give you extraordinary weight loss results!

A team of researchers from Université Laval in Canada were intrigued by existing studies that reveal the differences in the intestinal environments of overweight and moderately-weighted people.

The team decided to test if the presence of good bacteria in an individual’s intestines is successful in promoting a healthier weight.

Professor Angelo Tremblay led a team of researchers from the University to study 125 overweight participants over a 24 week period whereby every participant watched their diet for weight loss.

The only difference was that half of them were given 2 pills of probiotics daily, namely the Lactobacillus rhamnosus.

Halfway through the study, the female participants who took the probiotics lost a whopping average of 4.4 kg, while the group without any supplements weighed only 2.6 kg lesser. 


As the study continued for another 12 weeks, the group taking the probiotic pills continued losing up to an average of 5.2 kg while the other group faced no additional weight loss. 

The researchers concluded that the women who consumed probiotics daily lost double the amount of weight as compared to the other group. Professor Angelo Tremblay believes that the presence of probiotics in intestinal walls might keep out pro-inflammatory molecules from entering our bloodstream.

The team used a Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain from Nestlé during the study. Nestlé uses this probiotic in some of their yoghurts as well! So that’s simply it- having yoghurt every day may help accelerate your weight loss efforts, although this will only be most effective on a low fat and high fibre diet.

Do consult your General Practioner before adding probiotic pills to your diet as they can best decide if it suits your individualised conditions and goals.



This article was first published in Shape.