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The Dos and Don'ts of a marriage proposal, according to a Singapore proposal planning company

Planning to pop the question in the season of love? We gleaned tips from a Singapore proposal planning company for tips on getting it off without a hitch.

Asking for your partner's hand in marriage can be a nerve-wracking experience and enough to get any would-be proposer's palms sweaty.  We tap on local proposal planning company Help You Marry for tips that may help before you get down on one bent knee. 

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#1 Know your partner's preference

Take effort to know what she likes. Don't assume, be sure," the team Help You Marry says.  

If your sweetheart doesn't like being in the spotlight, a public proposal in front of a huge crowd might just overwhelm her or him. Start with subtle (repeat, subtle) questions about your significant other, or ask her friends and family. 


#2 Make it personal

"Make the proposal truly yours and not for the eyes of others. Be it small or big, it is the thoughts that counts."

It could be at the place where you had your first date, or include quotes from a movie, book or song you both love. Take inspiration from your special moments to make your engagement even more magical. 


#3 Get the engagement ring she likes

If you have been talking about marriage, watch out for hints that she may have been dropping about the type of sparkler she'd like, or if she's not into engagement rings altogether (This groom proposed with a balloon in the shape of an engagement ring!).

If you think your partner would rather pick out the ring, by all means, go ring shopping together! It'll save you the stress and worry of getting one she doesn't like, too.



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#4 Plan ahead

Impromptu in-the-moment proposals sound, and probably are romantic, but it might not work out exactly as you envisioned in your head. 

"Plan the proposal at least 2 months beforehand, this gives you ample time to prepare and create meaningful proposal," says the team at Help You Marry. 

This is especially so if you have a more elaborate set-up or specific venue in mind. If you're enlisting the help of friends, this also ensures everyone will be able to schedule their time accordingly. 


#5 Have a Plan B

A proposal on the beach or an outdoor garden might seem perfect but Mother Nature might literally rain in on your parade. 

Have a few indoor locations planned where you can head to at a moment's notice. 




#1 Don't follow the trending proposal ideas online blindly

Just like your wedding, your magical moment should also be a reflection of you as a couple. 

"Don't forget that a proposal is not about nice decorations or a picture-perfect setup, it's about the story of both of you."


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#2 Don't be afraid to ask for help

"You need all the people you can get to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the special day." For instance, you might need friends to distract him or her while you're at the venue planning for that perfect moment.


#3 Don't forget about his or her outfit

Unless you're proposing at home (like how Prince Harry popped the question!), your sweetheart may probably like to be more dressed up. Take that into consideration when you're planning your proposal. Tell him or her you're taking them on a romantic date, or a gathering with friends at a fine or semi fine-dining restaurant. 

"I was wearing a T-shirt that said "My attitude on Monday is 'I'm trying'", when my now-fiance popped the question at a rooftop restaurant (laughs)," says Her World Brides writer Cassandra.


#4 Don't panic 

Keep calm and laugh it off. Not every proposal goes off without a hitch. If something unexpected happens, take it in your stride - remember that it's real life and not a movie. Plus, it'll make for a funny story to tell afterwards.


Need help with planning your special moment? Check out Help You Marry's website