Breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? But just because you think you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you are. Otherwise it could explain you haven’t seen any difference in your weight. Here are seven mistakes you should make sure you’re not making when it comes to breakfast choices.

Text: Atika Lim/ Singapore Women’s Weekly
Additional reporting: Karen Fong & Michelle Lee

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#1 You eat cereal because it’s healthy 

Many store-bought varieties come loaded with sugars and refined carbohydrates. Keep an eye out for sugar listed as the second or third ingredient on the ingredient label. Starting the day with a breakfast high in sugar can cause an insulin spike and lead to cravings and hunger pangs later on. 

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#2 Low-fat is better for you right? 

Wrong. Low-fat dairy options make up for the lack of fat with sugars and articial sweeteners to make their products taste better. Other alternatives to consider: Almond or soya milk with reduced sugar.


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#3 You avoid eating protein

Protein ensures you feel full throughout the day and stops you from snacking. Add eggs, whole grain and even avocado slices to your breakfast to make sure it fills you up more. 

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#4 You think eating egg whites is healthier

Egg yolks up the calorie count but they are also full of nutrition and give the body what it needs to get through the day.


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#5 You drink juice 

Juice, especially store-bought varieties, is filled with sugar. Opt for whole fruits instead, which give you added tummy-filling fibre, or sugar-free coffee or tea. The caffeine will give you an energy boost too. Another alternative: Fruit-infused water. 

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#6 You eat breakfast or granola bars

 Most commercial granola bars are actually packed full with sugar, refined carbs and fats. All this just adds to raising the blood sugar levels in your body, which makes it harder to lose weight. It also means you won’t feel full for long during the day. For a quick on-the-go bite, try natural peanut butter on whole-grain bread instead. Make these the night before and stash in your fridge, if you have to.


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#7 You don’t eat a proper breakfast or skip it entirely 

Even though it sounds like skipping a whole meal is a good idea, it might result in more cravings or snacking throughout the day. It can also lead to a decrease in your metabolism.


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