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Sometimes pressure, demands and stress can really bring a bride-to-be down. When it comes to the wedding prep, external factors can really affect your plans. From nasty criticisms to bad service from wedding vendors, here’s how to deal with them:

Everyone has an opinion
From your parents to siblings and even close friends, everyone has an opinion about how a wedding should be – and they may not tally with your own vision. There are some factors you will have to consider when planning the wedding of your dreams (e.g. family obligations, certain traditions or rituals) but as far as possible try and realize your own vision. It is your day after all and it should be a joyous one.

So welcome suggestions and opinions but make your stand clear – explain what you your opinions and preferences are. Do it calmly and rationally and avoid losing your temper or mood; always remember that your wedding is to be the happiest, and biggest, day of your life. Compromise where you can but be firm over issues that matter most to you.

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Nothing nasty please
Everyone has an opinion and some people don’t express theirs nicely: their comments can be rude, biting or even bitchy. It’s important to surround yourself with positive energy when planning a wedding. I believe strongly that your experience prepping for your wedding will somehow manifest itself on the actual day! Happy wedding planning will lead to happy a celebration!

So if you’re surrounded by people who constantly pass unkind remarks, nag you non-stop or stress you out with unreasonable behavior, my advice is to avoid them or cut them our of your wedding prep. If you’re not be able to avoid them completely, involve them as little as possible and try not to mix with them too often.

Be flexible
As mentioned above, you may not get everything you want for your wedding. Instead of being a Bridezilla and insisting on having every single detail done your way – and getting stressed out if they don’t turn out to your expectations – learn to have an open mind.  Always expect the unexpected and know that even with the best planning skills, some things can go wrong.

If you can have an open mind and be willing to compromise and accept that not everything will be perfect, your wedding prep experience will be a lot less stressful.

Dealing with vendors
Working with your wedding vendor is like working with any other service provider – it can be a smooth and happy process, or a stressful and challenging one. So it’s always best to be clear about your plans from the start so that your wedding vendor will know what he/she can or cannot provide. This will also help you decide on which vendor to use so that your expectations will be met.

Do note however that a fantastic vendor may not exactly be the most pleasant person to work with. So be prepared to compromise: if you really like this particular vendor’s services and work, you may have to endure his rude service or temperamental nature. If good service and a pleasant working relationship is more important to you, then look for a vendor that will make your wedding prep a positive experience even though his/her services may not be exactly what you want .

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Be reasonable to your helpers
Being a Bridezilla is no help if your friends and relatives are going to help you with your wedding prep. Your helpers are volunteering their time (possibly money too!) and energies to help you realize your dream wedding.  That itself is a beautiful and thoughtful gesture that you should appreciate and welcome with open arms. Your helpers may not be able to perform every task perfectly, so for things that you want done beautifully, pay a vendor to do it.