There are plenty of ways to interject your couple’s style and personality in a casual wedding shoot.

Whether it’s establishing a theme and mood, or being in matching clothing or colours, the key is to find a style that you are both comfortable in. 

Here are some ideas for your couple outfits! 

1) Casual lo-fi styling

Go back to basics and keep it lo-fi with both your clothes and setting.

There’s no need for grand landscapes or poses. Strip away the pretensions and be how you are when you’re hanging out with each other because that’s a mood in and of itself. 

2) A pop of colour

If matching couple outfits make you cringe, this is a fun alternative way of look similar without having to actually wear the same top or jacket.

It is also probably the only time you can convince your man to be in pastel colours. 

Go forth and be cute together! 

3) Retro vibin’

Go retro grunge with polka-dots, floral prints and hipster accessories, pick out the right locations and you’re all set for a quirky shoot that’s filled with personality. 

4) Always classy 

Classics will never go out of style so if you want a timeless feel to your shoot, then pick out minimalist and chic pieces like simple silk dresses and tailored suits. 


Sijin + Aeon, at the beautiful interior of @thewarehousehotel

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// 요런 사진도 좋아요. 멋진 두 사람 – – #에테르의바다 –

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5) Matchy Matchy 

Not forgetting, the matching couple looks! But of course, there are ways to do it without doing an overkill. 

Instead of wearing the same Mickey Mouse t-shirts, a couple outfit can be as simple as choosing a sweater and denim look, or wearing the same stripe top in different colours.