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Celebrity bride: Radio DJ Cheryl Miles reveals her wedding dress and beauty prep

Our June cover girl, Cheryl Miles, shares with Her World Brides contributing editor Steve Thio, how she found ‘The One’ during her wedding gown search, as well as steps she’s taken for her bridal beauty prep so that she’ll look her best in her wedding dress.

Our June Cover Girl Cheryl Miles, 42, senior presenter of SPH Radio’s ONE FM 91.3, is tying the knot with her beau, Matthew Nixon, 38, in Missouri in the United States.

She previously shared with us on how she’s been hitting her fitness goals in time for her wedding. Of course, no wedding prep is complete without a beautiful wedding dress.

We asked Cheryl how she found ‘The One’ during her wedding dress search, as well as steps she’s taken for her bridal beauty prep so that she’ll look her best in her dress:

Where did you get your dress from and what do you love about it? 

I was looking for a dress with a beautiful back detail. I also didn't want it to to look too poufy.

I thought I would try my luck in Springfield, Missouri – where I’ll be having my wedding at – although I was worried it might cost a lot more than the boutiques here!

My future mother-in-law helped me vet through the boutiques there and told me she liked the dresses from Norman's Bridal best. They have an online catalogue and I found a few dresses that I liked. I was also surprised to discover that they cost around US$1200 to $2500. Eventually I bought my dress from them.


Was it hard for you to search for the perfect wedding gown? 

Once I decided that my best bet was to buy a dress from Norman's Bridal –the selection is just beautiful and the price range is fairly reasonable, the next challenge was deciding on which style of dress to pick.

I think my best physical assets are my arms and butt, so I chose a style and cut that would best flaunt those attributes. 

Even though I was planning to trim down on the weight I've gained over the last three years, I ordered the dress in my current measurements so I could alter it to fit perfectly later.

I found a reputable seamstress in Springfield to make the necessary alterations if needed. So far I have lost 6kg and plan to 4kg more! I will have one more fitting about two weeks before the big day so hopefully it will be perfect.

Any bridal beauty goals to share?


My hair is damaged from all the hair colouring and bleaching sessions over the years and one of my goals is to have it looking shiny and glossy by August.

I have bought supplements for home use and have done a Keratin treatment at my hair salon – Blow + Bar – with my trusted hairstylist Avan Tan. We are working towards achieving a classic look with some highlights. 



I’m not very disciplined with my skin routine and hardly go for facials because there are so few therapists who do extractions well.

Most places just squeeze too hard and I have damaged capillaries as a result. I also have had some issues with hormonal breakouts on my chin and just feel like my skin is congested. It feels dry and looks dull.

I decided to invest in facial sessions at Porcelain Face Spa as I got a package with them two years ago and saw improvements. They are a bit pricey but they are experts at extractions.

Hair removal

Also, I know this sounds weird but I've always envied popstar pits. I mean they always seem to have wonderfully white and smooth underarms when you see their concert photos.

I figured there's no better time than preparing for a wedding to investigate what options there are for permanently removing armpit hair, especially since I’ll be wearing a sleeveless gown.

I have tried IPL for another body part and after 12 sessions there was a dramatic difference though there are still a few stray strands that I have to shave off.

Then I heard about laser hair removal and thought I'd give that a go for my armpits because shaving doesn't always get every stubble. The hair removal is permanent and it would save me time in the morning.

I have an eight-session package with Supersmooth to help achieve this.

So far, I have only gone for one session and already saw some results so I think it'll be all gone by August! haha! 

And your bridal beauty look? What’s your preferred hair style and makeup?

For makeup I'm thinking of pinks, browns and rose gold on the eyes with pink lips and cheeks.

For hair, something loose and flowy with a scattering of baby's breaths. Our wedding theme is elegant but laid-back and I hope to achieve that with my makeup and hair. 


Image Credits

Photography: Skyy Woo

Styling: Steve Thio, assisted by Jessie Koh

Hair: Dhylan Chan, using Schwarzkopf

Makeup: Tinoq Russell Goh, using Covermark & Dejavu

Gowns: Grace Atelier Weddings 

Bouquet: Fioregraphy

Venue: Wheeler's Estate 

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