Whats your secret to a happy marriage with Alan? 
Pris: I guess it is our strong friendship which is the foundation that enables us to feel secure about ourselves, to be accepted and loved for who we are individually in this relationship.  It creates this understanding and trust that is really an important pillar in our marriage. 

You mentioned before that you and Alan were good friends before tying the knot.  Is it strange to marry a friend you have known for years?
Pris: The initial feeling was a little weird and strange and unexpected; when you realize your buddy is in love with you and you realise how special he is in my life too.  But to marry your best friend is one of the biggest blessings in my life. 

What was the exact moment/incident that told you Alan was The One?
Pris: I realized what a great, wonderful and special buddy he was and an even more awesome hubby after getting married! He became my source of strength and support when my late mother passed away suddenly. 

Alan has left the entertainment industry and is now running his own business. How do both  of you handle a hectic work and personal life?
Pris: Constant and daily subtle actions and words that show care, concern and affection for each other, regular coffee and movie dates and cosy conversations at night before we go to sleep. 

What are the best things you, and Alan, like/ love about each other
Pris: Our understanding, support and love for each other and our family. 

How do you handle disagreements and quarrels? What is your golden rule to resolving them?
Pris: We would keep quiet and cool down before talking it out. Golden rule: sharing and understanding each other’s point of view regarding the issue and dealing with it honestly and rationally.

After so many years of marriage, how do you maintain the excitement, and romantic spark, in your relationship
Pris: Our sense of humor at all times (we try!) and simple, romantic things like baking, making coffee for each other and celebrating our special days together.

What are your top tips for a happy marriage and relationship? 

  • True and total acceptance of each others’ good and bad traits.
  • A good sense of humour, especially at those times and situations get tense and stressful. ‘Good’ humor can help to create positive vibes in your marriage.
  • Say ‘Thank you’ to show your appreciation and ‘Sorry’ when the situation calls for it. No matter how long you are married to each other don’t take each other for granted.
  • Hear, and feel the unspoken thoughts and feelings that are not expressed. Be sensitive to each others emotions, moods and needs.
  • Always show affection and say ‘I Love You’ daily or even after a phone call, even after years and decades of marriage!