Forgo The Wedding Cake
Instead of having a wedding cake, have lots of pretty cupcakes, doughnuts or macaroons.  You can probably save a few hundred with these cheaper alternatives.

Recycle Your Decor
If you’re having flowers for your ceremony, have your helpers transfer the floral decor to your dessert table immediately after the ceremony.  The aisle garlands can be strung around the dessert table, while decorative flower posies (for the seats) can be placed in small jars in between the dessert displays.

DIY Desserts
If you’re plan on baking and making your own dessert items, create simple desserts like colourful agar agar and jelly in decorative cups instead of cakes and biscuits that can take up quite a bit of time.  Jellies would cost a lot less than pastry desserts too!

Adapt And Upgrade
If you want a more personalised feel for your desserts but don’t have the time or budget to customise them, try DIY-ing personal details onto store-bought desserts.  You can make some icing to decorate biscuits and snacks you got from the bakery or shop (check out: Biscuit King) or add little ribbons to small jars of snacks. It’s a lot cheaper than getting customised desserts.

A Varied Menu
Most dessert tables stack up on dry pastry snacks and sweets: cakes, chocolates, biscuits etc. For more variety why not have a liquid dessert item – something local like red bean soup or chendol will be a welcome addition to all the dry treats – and they’re budget friendly too.