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Best time to visit

Spring and early summer (mid April to mid June) autumn (September to mid October), where you will find the best weather, blooming wildflowers, and best hotel availability. Avoid the summer high season in August – because of inflated prices, hoards of tourists, and high temperatures. 




Requirements vary. Visit for details.  

How to get there 

There are currently no direct flights to Greece from Singapore. You will have to make a connecting flight. Check out Etihad or Qatar Airways for details.


Every day in Greece is sacred to one or more saints. That means that everyday, there is a celebration. Take note of where one is held on the day of your shoot if you want a unique perspective to your pre-wedding shoots! Do also note the more prominent holidays, as stores will be closed, and the streets will either be crowded or empty (it really depends). Flight tickets and accommodation fees may be increased during that period, too.

Where to go 


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1. Santorini 

Who wouldn’t want a pre-wedding shoot with Santorini’s beautiful vistas as the backdrop? One of Greece’s most scenic and breathtaking islands, Santorini is a popular photoshoot destination. Since Santorini is of volcanic origin, the rugged black sand beaches contrast with the blue sea and white houses of Fira, a village perched on the western side of the island. Along with its breathtaking sunsets, it will definitely make for jaw-dropping photographs. 

If you’d like the same experience without the crowds, Greece has many other islands just as picturesque! 

2. Mykonos

Mykonos is famed as a cosmopolitan destination amongst the Greek islands. Mykonos Town is a stunningly picturesque Greek town with a maze of narrow streets and whitewashed buildings influenced by Cycladic architecture. 


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3. Icaria

This island was named after Icarus (a Greek mythological God) who legend states fell into the sea near the island. And we are definitely falling in love with it too! Icaria’s beauty lies in it being so inaccessible: mountainous and wild, with breathtaking views. We think this makes it perfect for a pre-wedding shoot. 

4. Milos

If you’re a beach lover, Milos – with its 70 beaches – is paradise! From pristine white sand to black ones satisfying the sensation of crushed shells underfoot, there is a variety of beaches for you to choose from! The best beaches are Papafragas, Sarakiniko, Pollonia, Pipikinou. 


Sunset Tilos, Sept 2012

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5. Tilos

Adventurous couples would love this island for it’s different landscape as compared to the other islands: miles and miles of mountains and rough back roads. You might even come face to face with wild animals like exotic birds and dwarf elephants on this rural island. You can still enjoy the best of both worlds, as it is possible to access the beaches on this island for backdrops of Greece’s famous turquoise waters. Be careful though, as the beaches are rocky and difficult to access! 

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