If you’re a selfie addict you would probably know how to take a great close up of yourself.  The same basic rules apply for taking close-up pics of yourself for your wedding day.  And if you’ve got a great photographer, he wold be able to suggest ways and angles to capture your best angle.  Here are some additonal tips you can bear in mind

PHOTO: Her World Brides Sept 2013

Slim it down

If you’ve gotten up early to do your hair and makeup and still suffer from a puffy face, slim your face down by shooting near a light source, preferably a window with lots of natural light. Your face should be at a right angle to the light source to create a soft shadows on one side of the face.  Beside creating a nice, romantic mood, your face will also look tons slimmer! Just be sure the background is similarly dark so there’s nothing to distract the focus from your face

PHOTO: Her World Brides June 2014

Look younger!

If you follow some of the more popular fashion bloggers on Instagram, you will notice that most of their close-ups have them facing the light source.  This is to ‘burn’ out all the wrinkles, and to even out the skin tone.  The light will fill in the lines on your face and erase uneven skin tone, dark patches and eye rings effectively. It also helps to define the contours of your face by ading a slight shadow line along the cheekbones and jawline. You end up looking younger and fairer! Face a window or the direction of the sun if you’re outdoors.

PHOTO: Her World Brides Sept 2014

Soft and glowing

Ironically the best way to create a glowing, romantic close up pic of your face is to shoot with lots of backlight.  The light from behind will create a glow that will soften edges and facial features.  This technique of shooting is especially useful if you’ve got a slimmer face or sharper features. It also helps to create a airy, ethereal mood, especially romantic if wearing a veil.