Hitting the gym’s not for everyone. So what’s a bride to do to get in shape to look fit and fabulous in her wedding dress? 

Consider boxing, a high-intensity workout that’s perfect for brides. We spoke to Isaac Kwok, co-founder of Uppercut Boxing studio.

“Boxing is a high-intensity workout that has many benefits. Physical benefits include toning of the arms and core. It also improves your endurance and balance. Because we incorporate shadow boxing and body weights, this ensures you don’t get bulky and it targets trouble areas like the underarm and love handles.

Stressed out over wedding planning? Hitting those bags is really fun and it’s a great stress-reliever, too.”


You won’t get bruised – or huge guns

“Some of the misconceptions of boxing is that you’re gonna come in and get bruised. Uppercut Boxing is a non-combat boxing gym, which means that we’ve taken out the combat aspects of boxing, ensuring you can get fighting fit without getting hit. Other misconceptions are that you’ll start to get bulky and muscular. Our endurance strength workouts target the right muscle groups so that you’re shaping the muscles rather than adding on to the bulk. Coupled with cardio workouts, you’re also burning fat so you’ll get that toned, defined body for the wedding day.”



How soon should brides or couples start before the big day?

“Ideally, with any workout, the earlier you start, the more results you’ll see. With boxing, I recommend at least 12 weeks just so you get the right technique and form. This activates the right muscles so you can really get toned and definition.  

If you’re already working out and don’t have much time left before the wedding day, pairing boxing with any other workout will ensure you get that sculpted bod. Nonetheless, diet is important. You need to have a good diet (these are the foods that actually help you lose weight) , as well as adequate rest.”

A good body is made in the kitchen, then in the gym.

How would you prep for your own big day? 

“One of the few things I’ll definitely do is to incorporate a lot of boxing, that’s something I personally enjoy, like being able to do padwork with someone I love and getting those movements in. I’d like her to be able to hold up for herself and be able to defend herself. Preparation wise, it’d be great if she gets those shadow boxing and bodyweight exercises so she gets fit and toned. For myself, boxing’s a lot like a dance. Perhaps for our first dance, maybe it’ll be a nice combination of us just messing around, having fun aand being around each other. *laughs*

Uppercut Boxing is at 155A/157A Telok Ayer Street (Level 2). Visit www.uppercutboxing.com or call 6224 1157 for more information.