1. They talk and interact more

It’s been said plenty of times but this advice still bears repeating. 

Plenty of times, we get passive aggressive instead of being honest about what we want. Doing so, however, encourages resentment and fogs communication lines.

2. They cultivate positive interactions that help

Whether it’s a compliment, a hug or even a simple text message to ask how their day’s been, a small but positive interaction with your partner always helps them feel happier. 

Wouldn’t it brighten your day too if someone showed that they cared?

3. They share experiences

Some couples love to travel together, others love trying out new restaurants together.

Whichever the case, shared experiences help to strengthen the bonds between couples and let them build memories together.

4. They are friends too

Beyond the love, sexual intimacy and other perks of being in a relationship, couples who are happy also have a solid friendship. They are each other’s best friend.

5. They bring out the best in each other

Also known as Michelangelo Effect, couples who are happy in their relationships tend to bring out the best in each other.

Bring out the best in your partner by encouraging success and admire their accomplishments!

6. They diffuse tensions when fighting

Whenever an argument happens, ask yourself if its really worth winning the argument at the expense of your relationship. 

7. They make time for each other

We all have busy schedules but the happiest of couples always find ways to spend time together. Remember that small gestures go a long way and a relationship is a work in progress.

8. They are realistic with expectations

Not every relationship is like a fairy-tale and coming to expect the problems that come with a relationship makes it easier to cope when these problems do arise.

9. They show appreciation for their partners

Human beings need to be reminded that they are loved, appreciated and cared for.

Once in a while, make it a point to tell your partner how much you care, love and appreciate them. Trust us, it’ll make their day.

10. Never stop working for the relationship

As mentioned before, relationships are a work in progress. 

Just like any relationship, it takes two to clap and with efforts by both parties to sustain and maintain a loving bond, there’s hardly any reason that your relationship could go south.


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This article was first published in Women’s Weekly.