If you’re fretting over the extra inches you’ve put on just before your wedding day, and can’t bring yourself to formulate an intensive workout plan, check out these body-sculpting treatments that will help you lose that undesirable inch (or two) of flab.

1. Esthecryo, $550 for 60 minutes, Estheclinic

Photo: Estheclinic

This fat-freezing treatment delivers controlled cooling to target fat cells.

As fat cells are sensitive to low temperatures, the sub-zero temperatures cause them to break down and get flushed out of your body via your natural lymphatic system.

The machine used in this treatment draws up fatty tissues gradually instead of at one go, which is said to make the procedure more painless. It treats multiple areas simultaneously in one session, and is said to eliminate up to 30 per cent of fat cells after just one session.

It’s great for areas where fat tends to localised, such as the tummy, back, hips, inner thighs, buttocks or lower back.

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2. Redustim, $250 for 30 minutes, Ageless Medi-Aesthetics

Photo: Ageless Medi-Aesthetics

This US FDA-approved treatment claims to help eliminate stubborn abdominal fat and subcutaneous fat that sits just right under the skin.

You wear a special suit – it covers your body from the chest down – which does two things.

One, it uses low-frequency electromagnetic energy to induce muscles to contract, which helps loosen stubborn fat cells and help break them down. These fat cells are then eliminated from the body through the natural lymphatic system.

Two, it applies a low pressure that is said to be painless and relaxing, which helps enhance lymphatic drainage and eliminate toxins and metabolic waste. Because the non-invasive procedure also helps break down visceral fat, which is deposited around the organs and can affect your health, it is also supposedly better for your general health.

It is recommended that you go for a course of 12 sessions, after which you should see a reduction of 6cm in waist circumference.

It’s also good for areas such as the thighs and arms, and doesn’t have any downtime although consumption of carbohydrates four to six hours after treatment is discouraged.

It’s also not recommended for people with pacemakers or internal defibrillators, or pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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3. Inch Vanquish, $400 for 60 minutes, Prive Aesthetics

Photo: Prive Aesthetics

This body-contouring treatment is not only non-invasive, it’s contactless too.

High-frequency radio-frequency energy is emitted from a curved panel that is positioned above your waist area to selectively heat up fatty tissue. This helps shrink and break down the fat cells, which are then eliminated from your body naturally through the lymphatic system.

Because the area treated is large, the body-sculpting effects are said to be more uniform across the treatment area, such as the tummy and love handles.

You will feel a warm sensation in the treated area, which may last for a few hours post treatment, but there is supposedly no downtime, which makes it ideal for you to squeeze a session in during your lunch break.

A course of four treatments scheduled a week apart is recommended, and results can be seen about two months after treatment, as the body sheds the broken-down fat cells.

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4. Body Shape by Thermage, from $6,000 for 120 minutes, SW1 Clinic

Photo: SW1 Clinic

Unlike the treatments that help eliminate fat tissue and fat cells, this treatment uses an advanced radio-frequency technology to heat up the dermis and subcutaneous tissue to tighten existing collagen and stimulate collagen production, while cooling down the skin surface to ensure a comfortable session.

This treatment is great for firming and lifting saggy abdomen (usually after pregnancy or drastic weight loss), thighs, butt and arms. But because the treatment works to improve collagen production, significant results are not seen immediately.

You should see visible differences over the next six months as the appearance of lines, wrinkles, crepey, dull-looking skin over the treated areas are diminished.

SW1 Clinic says most patients are happy with the results after undergoing one session, and report results lasting up to two years.

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5. BTL Exilis Elite For Body, from $320 for 20 minutes, Mizu Aesthetics

Photo: Mizu Aesthetics

Radio-frequency (RF) energy is used in this non-invasive treatment to increase collagen production and skin thickness to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. At the same time, the RF energy also helps break down fat cells, which are then removed by the body’s natural lymphatic system.

The handpiece delivers RF energy to heat up the layers of fats under the skin while keeping the skin surface cool. This stimulates collagen production and tightens saggy skin.

The treatment can also be used to firm up breasts, on top of treating usual areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs.

During the treatment, you may feel a heating sensation that is said to be tolerable because of the cooling effect the handpiece imparts.

After the treatment, the treated area can appear slightly pinkish for up to half an hour after treatment, but you should be able to resume your daily activities, including exercising.

You should see a slight lifting effect immediately, but significant results usually appear two to three months post-treatment, as your collagen production improves over time.

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