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Blast more calories! 5 ways to maximise your pre-wedding cardio workouts

Get the most out of your pre-wedding workout regimen. Whether you're running, skipping or cycling, we've got tips to make your cardio workout work harder (so you burn calories faster!) for you.

#1 Walking

Take it a step further by embarking on your daily walks with a weight vest. Vests are a safe way to add more weight and intensity to your walks as they centre the extra weight on your torso instead of straining your back like a backpack would. This makes it a brilliant way to double the amount of calories you would normally burn on your walks. Or, tap into more muscle power by exploring nordic walking which uses walking poles to work your arms.


#2 Running

Want to get more from your runs? Challenge yourself and keep the adrenaline running by strapping weights to your ankles. Running with ankle weights fires up your muscles to use more power to propel yourself forward. Singapore is surrounded by beaches so reignite your passion for runs by taking your next jog to the beach this weekend. Because sand adds resistance, your body will be forced to stay balanced and stronger. Plus, taking a quick dip in the ocean when you are done with your beachside cardio sounds like a super blissful weekend plan.


#3 Cycling

Break out of your simple cycling routine to maximise weight loss. If you are using a stationary bike at the gym, turn up the knob steadily throughout your workout so your muscles will work extra hard to work against the resistance. Conversely, standing up on the stationary bike engages your abdominals as you power through this intense cardio workout. If you use a bicycle, make your cycling trips extra fun by planning to pedal to your favourite spot with a few of your friends. Having company around you ensures that you will not slack off during your planned trip. Just be sure to cycle safe!

#4 Stair climbing

Climbing up a single flight of stairs here and there gets your heart rate running so imagine the quality of a good stair climbing workout. Surprise your cardiovascular health by scaling the staircases of tall buildings. Climb the stairs in short bursts for a really easy and quick workout that targets your entire body. Going faster maximises your calorie burn, and this vertical challenge will give you an intense cardio workout within just 15 minutes.


#5 Skipping

You can skip rope without batting a lid so how can you go even further? Increasing your speed with shorter jumps is a good way to up the intensity of this simple cardio workout. Alternatively, work your arms too by crossing them over every time you jump for a complex movement that challenges your arm muscles instead of just circling your wrists. This is a versatile workout which means you can also test your stability by skipping with one leg. Or, try squatting while skipping to really work all those leg and abdominal muscles. Be warned, it is not as easy as it sounds!

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Images: This article was originally published in Shape Singapore