Photography: Tan Wei Te. Styling: Steve Thio, assisted by Dewi Nurjuwita. Hair: Dylan Chan/Cinq. Makeup: Sam Ong/HP 9683-2421. Model: Famke/Ave. Jewellery: Cartier. Photo: Her World Brides March 2016.

1. Know what you want
And be clear about it. Whether you’re discussing the design with your partner beforehand, or you’re giving more than a few hints to get him on the right track, you don’t want to be disappointed with your eventual gem. Guys, see other ways to find out how you can get her dream ring here


2. Carat, clarity, colour, cut… and cost
While most focus on the 4Cs of a diamond (considered to be the most popular gem for engagement rings nowadays), most couples (or ladies) forget about cost. Set your budget and know how much you might possibly be spending, so you don’t get sticker shock at the store. See how much a one-carat ring may cost, here.

When getting a diamond ring, these are the 6 things you need to know

3. Priorities
There are many considerations when it comes to rings. For instance, you’ll have to know your style – just look into your jewellery box to see what you gravitate towards. There are the classic solitaires, vintage rings, stylish, alternative looks, and so on.

You’ll also have to know what you want: A bigger rock, or one that’s big on sparkle? If it’s the former, you may have to give up on the gem clarity and cut. If it’s the latter, and you’re fine with a slightly smaller gem, go for it. Unless you’re rolling it in with money, a big ring (think two carats and above) that shines bright, will really cost. Alternatively, see ways on how to make your ring look bigger than it is with these tips.


4. Think about your lifestyle
If you’re going to be wearing your engagement ring on a daily basis (with your wedding ring), consider its material, too. See our guide here.


5. Where to get them from
Notable jewellery brands – from Tiffany & Co. to Cartier, as well as Sookee Jewellery and Lee Hwa (see the loveliest designs from Singapore jewellers here) offer stunning designs that cater to every bride. Looking for something bespoke? Look to private jewellers like Fairy’s Inc, who can help you customise your dream design (see tips on how to get the perfect look here).

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