Decor and food aside, your music choice is responsible for determining the mood of your celebration. Aside from classics like John Legend’s ‘All of Me’, and Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’, here’s a round-up of tunes we’ve handpicked to add to your playlist. 

#1 ‘Shallow’ by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Yes, we know the on-screen lovers didn’t exactly have a happy ending but you can hardly deny the raw emotions the award-winning song (it took home awards at the Grammys and Baftas) brings on. Plus, that inimitable chemistry between co-stars Gaga and Cooper.


#2 ‘Sucker’ by The Jonas Brothers 

After splitting in 2013, the Jonas Brothers are back. Their first single’s lyrics are all about the brothers’ loves of their lives (and with their wives and fiancee starring in the video), it couldn’t be more apt for a joyous occasion. This is one for the dancefloor or after-party. 

(On that note, do you think they’ll be playing this song at Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s summer wedding this year?)


#3 ‘Rewrite The Stars’ by Zac Efron and Zendaya

An original soundtrack for musical film The Greatest Showman and performed by the movie’s cast, it makes for a perfect first dance song. Swoonworthy lyrics include, “What if we rewrite the stars? Say you were made to be mine. Nothing could keep us apart. You’d be the one I was meant to find.”

UK singers Anne-Marie and James Arthur have also made a beautiful cover of the song.  


#4 ‘Love Someone’ by Lukas Graham

This unabashedly sentimental piece that was released in September last year includes the lines, “If you love someone and you’re not afraid to lose ’em, you probably never loved someone like I do.” ‘Nuff said. 


#5 ‘More Than Friends’ by Jason Mraz ft. Meghan Trainor

If you’d been crushing on your sweetheart for a while before you finally got together, this cute song with vocals by Jason Mraz and Meghan Trainor couldn’t be more apt. And you could also follow it up with Mraz’s other hit “I’m Yours”.


#6 ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ by James Arthur

It might have been released in 2016 but this is still a hot number for weddings this year. The X Factor UK winner revealed he was inspired to write a song about “looking at the future and spending your life with someone, even after death.” 


#7 ‘You Are The Reason’ by Calum Scott ft. Leona Lewis

Another top choice for your march-in, Calum Scott’s ballad gets further amped up with Leona Lewis’ (who also confirmed her engagement last year) beautiful vocals. Every marriage has its challenges but with the right person, you’ll want to ride out the tough times, and this emotional song depicts just that.


#8 ‘Close to Me’ by Ellie Goulding ft. Diplo and Swae Lee

A lighthearted rhythm with lines that talks about having someone to forget the about the world with. This has hiphop influences by rapper Swae Lee and electronic dance beats from American record producer Diplo to give it a bit of edge for a modern celebration. The lyrics are a little racy, so let’s just hope Grandma or your parents aren’t paying too much attention. 


#9 ‘Hello My Love’ by Westlife

Calling all Westlife fans and 90s kids – here’s another boyband revival and we’re all glad for it! Their first single in eight years, its lyrics are about a guy showing appreciation for his sweetheart (hint: grooms, if you’re planning a surprise song for your bride…). And if it doesn’t sound like a typical Westlife song, it’s ’cause it was written by Ed Sheeran, together with record producer Steve Mac.


#10 ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran

And speaking of Ed Sheeran, he’s pretty much the go-to for wedding songs. ‘Thinking Out Loud’ occupied the top spot of Spotify’s list of top wedding songs in 2018, but if you think that’s been overplayed, another infectious hit would be ‘Perfect’, which he wrote for his now-wife Cherry Seaborn.