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Shania Twain’s “From This Moment” and One Direction’s “Little Things” might be some of the popular wedding soundtracks in Singapore (apart than your typical traditional wedding songs), but let’s be real, those ain’t got nothing on a good parody.

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A Korean couple recently had a parody of hit Korean drama Goblin at their wedding – and it was hilarious. Two men played the role of Gong Yoo and Lee Dongwook’s characters in Goblin, Goblin and Grim Reaper, and belted out the soundtrack of the drama, “Round and Round”. But that’s not all. The man who was acting as Gong Yoo had a fake sword “impaled” through his body, just like Goblin in the drama.

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The man acting as Grim Reaper, on the other hand, was holding a bag of groceries as a prop. The best part didn’t end there. Halfway through the video, a man took on Kim Goeun’s character, Ji Euntak, and delivered some of her famous lines, inciting laughter among the audience.

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The performance was part of the 축가, or the wedding song performed by invited or professional singers to the couple.

We’re not sure if this will be a trend in South Korea or even Singapore, but it surely injects a fresh twist to the typical sing or dance performance we see at weddings.

Watch the full video below.

The full series of Goblin with English subtitles is now available for free on or the Viu mobile app.

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