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1. Have a manicure too early
As much as you’d like to be prepared, you wouldn’t want your manicure chipping even before your big day arrives.

We advise you to paint your nails as close to the day as possible, especially if you’re getting a French manicure. 

2. Cracked, dehydrated and chipped nails
Get into the habit of massaging your nails daily with a conditioning oil to keep them hydrated and to stimulate the blood supply.

Apply cuticle oil to the base of the nail two to three times a day. Beautiful hands for the ring exchange!

Try: Sally Hansen’s Vitamin E nail and cuticle oil

3. Trimming your nails too close to the wedding day 
Try to cut your nails the week before your big day. This way, it will have sufficient time to grow before your manicurist starts shaping it.

You wouldn’t want short, stubby nails in close up artistic shots of your hands, right?

4. Being careless
You should be more careful with your nails in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

For example, use rubber gloves when washing dishes as detergents can easily dry out your skin and nails. Alternatively, you can use detergent that is gentle on the nails.