The good people of Disney Japan is now making some of our girl-hood dreams come true.

Fourteen Disney princess-inspired wedding dress designs have been created by Kuraudia Co., a Japanese bridal company, under a licensed agreement with Disney.

The stunningly crafted gowns will be available for brides to rent at the cost of US$3,600 for their special day.

Brides can choose between Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Ariel and Rapunzel, while the grooms won’t be left out as well – they’ll be able to don on a Prince Charming tux for US$900.

The bad news?

The gowns are only available for rent in Japan, with Kuraudia Co. accepting orders from hotels, wedding halls and dress shops across Japan starting this November.

The good news?

Japan is relatively accessible from our local shores.

Whether you find this to be taking our fairy-tale fantasies a tad bit too far, or a fantastic chance to live out your charmed princess dreams, the gowns are as close to the real deal out there to date.

As reported to Asahi, the Kyoto based bridal company stated that it joined forces with Disney as a reflection of their commitment to portray an accurate view of the film company’s universe.


Images from Disney Japan.