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1. Showing off
When your fiance’s just proposed, it’s fine to let your loved ones know with a status update with a picture of said ring. But when you’re flaunting your bauble too often, with updates like “OMG I can’t get enough of my shiny new bling”, that’s going to take a lot of restraint to click the unfriend button already.

2. Humble bragging
There’s a fine line between showing off, and humble bragging. And both are fairly annoying. The latter is less so if done in moderation though. There are only so many times one can say, “good for you” in response to your post about being indecisive and buying everything in the store.

3. Guest/family rants
Whatever unhappiness you’ve got, it’s best to keep things offline, especially if you’ve got friends who may notify said person about your rant. Sure, planning for your wedding can get stressful and annoying if there are obstacles (like people not RSVP-ing on time, relatives giving you opinions you really don’t need), but you don’t need to let your entire friends list know. Instead, try talking to a trusted friend, or your groom about the problem you’re facing, and seek a solution.

4. Talking about your wedding all the time
While your friends are happy you’re getting married, you don’t have to constantly remind them of it all the time. What they also don’t need: a blow-by-blow account of your plans, tasks, things you’ve completed, and a daily countdown to your wedding. Besides, I wouldn’t advise you advertise your wedding goings-on too. If you really must, create a list of friends on your guest list, and post updates only they can read.

5. Seeking sympathy
We get it. Juggling a full-time job in between planning for your wedding can be tough, but your Facebook friends can only offer you sympathy so many times.

6. Picture-heavy statuses
It’s fine to see an update once in a while on your flowers, decor, and others as a teaser to your celebrations, but some may not appreciate it as much. Keep the picture inspirations – such as colour swatches and mock-ups to Pinterest instead.