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Avoid doing these 6 things a week before your wedding!

It's the last leg of your wedding prep! While there are a million and one things to be done, here the ones you should avoid just days before your wedding day.


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#1 DON'T: Go for a brand new or crazy intensive workout regime 

It's the last leg of your wedding prep and you're keen on losing that extra bit of weight. But don't get started on that new HIIT class just days before - sore muscles on your wedding day are the last thing you want when you'll be on your feet most of the day. Not only that, there's potential for injury, too. 

DO: Stick to what you've been doing

Or if you need stress-relief, get your partner (or a friend) for a walk or light jog in the park. 



#2 DON'T: Skip meals

Whether you're too busy with wedding prep to eat or thinking of a last-ditch effort to lose more weight, skipping meals is always a bad idea. A hungry bride makes for a grumpy bride, and the lack of nutrients can sap your energy and make you feel and look tired.


DO: Fuel your body

Get more lean, high-quality protein (like lean ground beef, seeds, lentils, fish, turkey, greek yoghurt and pork loin)  in your diet, as well as antioxidant rich foods like leafy greens, berries, and whole grains. Have fruits and nuts to snack on if you're always on the go. Meanwhile, try to cut out or limit alcohol, processed carbs, sugary (leave cakes and dessert til the wedding!) and high-sodium foods.



#3 DON'T: Do anything drastic to your hair 

While it can be tempting to want to try out a whole new cut or colour, any experimenting should be done months before the special day and even before your hair trial. Any changes to the cut or colour can affect the way your hairdo looks, as well as how it goes with your neckline and jewellery. 

DO: Give your tresses some TLC

Get a hair treatment done, or a quick trim to to get rid of split ends if you must. (And check out these expert tips for glossy, healthy tresses


#4 DON'T: Try a new skincare routine

Ditto for your skincare regimen- there's always a probability of a breakout, an allergy or irritation. Peels and microdermabrasions are also a no-go - some folks repeatedly peel after a chemical treatment, which balls up under makeup. 

DO: Any chemical treatments should be done at least two to three weeks ahead. For new skincare products, you should be swapping them months in advance. A dermatologist who can give you a specific routine to address your concerns will help achieve that radiant bridal glow.


#5 DON'T: Discuss serious or uncomfortable issues

While we're sure pre-wedding jitters and concerns might crop up, a week before the big day isn't quite the time to bring it up (I mean, really?) - any differences and concerns should have been discussed and ironed out way before you decide to get hitched.

DO: Spend quality time together

Without the wedding talk. Whether it's going on a great date, working out together or just prepping a home-cooked meal together, take time out to simply appreciate your other half. Plus, it'll be a reminder of what the wedding and life after that is really about - how much you enjoy each other's company. Also check in on your spouse-to-be - how they're feeling or if there's anything that's causing them stress. If not, hearing how excited they are about the big day can help calm your nerves, too. 

Don't underestimate how long it'll take to get these done. Image: Joshua Rainey/

#6 DON'T: Get started on the DIY projects

You'll be bogged down with all the last-minute tasks on your checklist, so it's no fun freaking out over handcrafted programs when you should be picking up your dress, finalising the seating chart, and confirming vendor arrival times, and of course, clearing up your to-do list at your day job so you can head into a weekend of wedding bliss.