Image: Alekon pictures on Unsplash


#1 Look where you’re sticking your hand in

This one’s a true story. I’ve heard of one bride who stuck her hand in a box of ice while prepping drinks and it actually knocked *gasp* one of the smaller diamonds off. If it happens, your jeweller can probably fix it but it’ll come at a price if you lose the diamond. 



#2 Heavy lotions and creams

These often leave a residue on your ring, leaving behind a less-than-sparkly and hard to clean ring. And if yours is a coloured gemstone, or crafted with platinum or white gold, it can also cause discoloration. Avoid this by taking off your ring and waiting for the product to be absorbed into your skin before putting it back on. 


#3 Doing household chores with it

You’ll be surprised at how many people actually do it. Not only do you run the risk of your ring slipping into the drain or getting scratches when you’re scouring pots, harsh cleaning chemicals can react with your ring and cause it to look dull and cloudy.


Image: Cathy Yeulet/

#4 Perfumes and aerosols

It isn’t just cleaning products that can wreak havoc on your ring. Perfumes and hair sprays are potentional ring-wreckers too!  So be sure to get your ring off before getting on with your hairstyling routine. 


#5 Exercise 

Working out’s great for getting in shape before the wedding, but not so great for your sparkler if you’re wearing it. Weights or other sports equipment can chip your ring and chlorine from the swimming pool can wear the metal out. Plus, there’s always a chance you’ll lose it to the swimming pool since your finger can contract when in contact with cold water, and your ring could slip off. 


#6 Not visiting your jeweller

You invested a pretty neat sum on your ring so why not put a little effort into keeping it clean? A trip to a trusted jeweller (every half a year should suffice) will keep your prized possession looking brand new. 

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