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Are these 6 common sex problems affecting your marriage?

Do you have a sexless marriage? Or do you no longer find pleasure in getting intimate with your spouse? Sex problems can often create cracks in the marriage. Here are 6 common ones, and how to address them.

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Women are more likely to experience this than men, says Dariusz P. Skowronski, adjunct professor of Psychological Studies at Temple University, Japan, and founder of Bright Life Counselling. Dissatisfaction with her marriage, a loss of trust in her husband, and other relationship concerns can all affect the emotional intimacy between two partners.

When these concerns are not communicated, they can make a woman feel distant from her partner, and this can, in turn, decrease her desire to be sexually intimate with them. 

How to solve it "Communication is very important," says Dariusz. "When couples don't communicate their concerns to each other, when they don't get to the root of what's driving an emotional wedge between them and don't deal with whatever is bugging them about their partner or relationship, the dissatisfaction can build over time and make them feel less inclined to have sex." 

Building intimacy should be a daily effort. "I always say that great evening sex starts with an amazing morning kiss," says Dariusz. "A sexy, intimate kiss before you head off to work is like foreplay. It enhances your connection with your partner and puts you in a playful, loving mood." (See these 8 small but impactful gestures that show you care.)