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#1 Get an expert

If you aren’t leaving it in the hands of the bridal salon you got your gown from, look for a tailor who has plenty of expertise in dealing with wedding dresses, and especially if your gown is more complex. He or she will know how to handle delicate wedding gown fabrics, and will also likely offer great advice on the best fit and how it’ll look on you.


#2 Don’t leave it until the last minute!

There will be plenty of things going on right before the big day and the last thing you want is to stress about your gown. Give your bridal salon adequate time to make the necessary changes. And speaking of which, allocate enough time for the fitting too. If the person doing the fitting is in a rush, it will show in his or her work. Your final dress fitting should be around two weeks before your wedding. 



#3 Account for weight gain/ weight loss

On the other hand, you don’t want to alter your gown wayyyy before your big day, especially if you’re planning to go on weight loss plan, or you might gain some pounds. You can also go for a corseted bodice so it can be easily tightened or loosened. Also read: 8 effective bodyweight exercises for brides to burn fat fast


#4 Size matters! 

If you’re getting a dress off-the-rack, resist the urge to get it if it’s way too big, even if it’s on a crazy discount. Altering particular styles may either look strange, or end up costing you more. On some fabrics like satin or velvet, the original seam lines also tend to show. On that note, don’t order a dress that’s two sizes smaller just because you think you can get in shape before the big day. It’s easier to take in rather than let out.




#5 Bring your wedding shoes 

Or at least a pair that would be the height of your actual day shoes so the seamstress knows just where the hem should end. Ideally, have your hem grazing the ground so it allows for easier mobility and you won’t run the risk of tripping over the skirt. After your fitter has pinned the gown to the right length, walk around in your heels to see if you’re able to walk, sit and dance comfortably.



#6 Don’t forget your undergarments & accessories

Whether you’re planning shapewear or a strapless bra, they affect the way your gown looks on you, and how your gown should be altered. (Also read: 5 things to note before buying your bridal undergarments) You should aim to bring the exact pieces that you will be wearing on the actual day to get the best fit. While accessories don’t change the way your gown hangs on your body, it certainly does affect the way it’ll look. For example, you’ll want to match the neckline of your dress to the length of that heirloom necklace you’re planning on donning.


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