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As one of the top local actresses in showbiz at the moment, Rebecca Lim may have found her “dream job”.

But when it comes to the bachelorette’s dream guy, she hopes to snag someone who possesses the same qualities as her father, who epitomises her ideal man.

The 29-year-old told M at yesterday’s press conference for her latest drama The Dream Job: “My dad has set very high expectations in terms of his heart – very pure and selfless. He’s also very strong and brave.

“In life, he has gone through many ups and downs, but he has never let us see that he’s down and out or vent any of his anger on any of us. He has always taken it in his own stride.”

One valuable piece of relationship advice that Lim’s father has given her is to find “a guy who treats his own family right” because “how he treats his own family will be how he would treat his wife”.

She added: “It makes perfect sense because… (that’s very telling).”

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However, her co-star, close pal and rumoured squeeze Ian Fang (below) has a very different reaction towards his own father.

The 26-year-old Shanghai-born actor, who’s the only child of divorced parents and was raised by his grandmother and mother, doesn’t “feel anything” whenever Father’s Day comes around.

His dad left the family when he was one, and his parents split up when he was four.

He said: “He does message me occasionally, but usually I don’t reply and I don’t know why… I just don’t feel like (it).”

Instead, Fang considers his single mother as his father figure.

He said rather emotionally: “I don’t have a father figure in my life. I don’t know the feeling of being ‘under one roof’. I will never and have not experienced such a thing.”

Fang added: “I hope (my) mum can find happiness. I want her to feel loved and pampered by a gentleman.”

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