From the historical streets of Istanbul to the famous fairy tale-esque hot air balloon backdrop in Cappadocia, Singapore entrepreneur, emcee and model Cordelia Daphne Low and her fiance Michael took a trip down to the magical Turkey for their pre-wedding photos. She shares her experience and tips: 


“Michael and I had a discussion on where to go. I’d actually wanted to go Bali, but Michael convinced me that Turkey would be so much better. I’m glad I agreed! 

We decided to head to Istanbul and Cappadocia (A definite must-go at least once in your life!) I don’t really have the exact spots as we kinda wandered around the areas actually. We definitely did have a few spots like the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul. Mostly touristy, but the pictures turned out amazing!

As for Cappadocia, the main highlight was definitely the hot air balloons at sunrise. (See: 8 dreamiest hot air balloon destinations for your pre-wedding photos) It looked so beautiful that it felt like it was a green screen!”


Shooting overseas?

  • Get tons of sleep! Waking up before sunrise for hair and make up is tiring.
  • If you’re planning to shoot in Turkey, please change money in Singapore, or at least in the city. Skip the airport! The exchange rates aren’t as favourable there.
  • Be sure to plan your outfits. Michael and I put together outfits to make sure our looks matched but we didn’t want anything too cheesy either! It’s always a good idea to bring extra gowns/outfits, if your luggage permits.
  • Build good rapport with your photographer, videographer and makeup artist. You will be spending a lot of time with them so this is important!
  • Pack comfortable sneakers under the gowns to walk around, and be extra careful not to damage the gowns!


How she prepped for the shoot:

“I got my nails done, and my hair colour was done by Mi The Salon! I specifically wanted a different hair colour instead of the boring black/browns and Mi The Salon gave me an ash coloured hair which I absolutely adore! (See also: Colouring your hair? 6 things this hairstylist wants brides to know)

I have been exercising and that’s really important. It isn’t totally about how I look or achieving 6-pack abs (as much as I wish I had) but I feel good as well!”


How she decided on the looks:

“I worked with brands like All Would Envy and Diamond Mojitto for my casual outfits. They have designs that are dainty but also suited my style and they looked great for the shoot!

The Gown Connoisseur has beautiful ballgowns that are both classy and elegant (not to mention comfortable!) while Silhouette the Atelier has dreamy pieces that I absolutely fell in love with. Their mermaid gowns are so detailed, and Michael loves them!”



Gowns: Silhouette the Atelier and The Gown Connoisseur 
Outfits: Diamond Mojitto and All Would Envy
Make up: Marcella Kikyanto
Photography: Expressively Joho