Goldheart bridal jewellery

Apart from your wedding dress and venue, choosing your rings and bridal jewellery is one of the more important decisions you’ll have to make. Short of stating the obvious, these are items (I’m referring to the engagement and wedding rings, of course) that you’ll be wearing for life.

To help guide you in the right decision, we’ve listed some nifty tips below. You can thank us later.



The Engagement Ring
The engagement ring may be one of the biggest purchases your husband-to-be will ever make, so it’s really for the best if you like what he’s bought. See how you can get your dream ring, below.

Goldheart bridal jewellery

Tip 1: Make sure you get the ring you want
If you’re not one for surprises, make sure you get the ring you want by being proactive about your wants. Click here for more tips.

Tip 2: It doesn’t have to cost
That myth that your engagement ring has to cost your fiancé three months of his salary is, well, a myth. If you’re really set on a substantial sparkler, pick the right cut, opt for shapes apart from the classic round cut, and more. Grab more tips here.

Tip 3: Choose a jeweller that offers a wide range of styles at any budget
But if you’re totally traditional and want your man to surprise you, Goldheart’s stylish options – from classic solitaires to charming and meaningful designs – will satisfy every bride-to-be. Grooms-to-be will breathe a sigh of relief at the equally stunning range of prices available here, too.

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Wedding Bands
Yes guys, she will need another ring – the wedding band – too. And this is part two of your wedding jewellery shopping journey together.

While plenty of thought goes into choosing the perfect engagement ring, the wedding bands sometimes aren’t as carefully chosen. But that shouldn’t be the case. After all, your bands will remain as symbols of your commitment for life, so don’t regard it as an afterthought.

Goldheart bridal jewellery

When shopping for the rings, you should consider a few things:

Tip 4: Ring designs
A classic band will still look stylish after more than a few years, and won’t look outdated.

Tip 5: Compatibility
Your wedding band should look similar to your engagement ring. Do choose a ring that’s the same metal, and also choose a ring that pairs well with your engagement ring yet looks stunning on its own.

Tip 6: Its material
The right metal should keep in consideration your lifestyle, preference and budget. See more tips at

Tip 7: Preference
While yours and your husband’s wedding rings should ideally match, it’s not necessary to do so if you can’t agree on a single design. However, do make sure the rings have something in common, like a similar element.

Tip 8: Make your own
If you can’t find something you like on the market, consider designing your own instead. Goldheart’s Create-Your-Ring service and Il Regalo collection lets you choose from several options including the metals, finish, gem settings, and engraving. See for details.



Si Dian Jin

The struggle is real when it comes to traditions (i.e. between wanting to look stylish without offending your elders), and the si dian jin is one of them. Also known as four pieces of gold, the si dian jin is worth more than its face value – it also comes with a wealth of symbolism and well-wishes from your future in-laws. And while the tradition still stands, the designs don’t have to.

Goldheart bridal jewellery

Tip 9: Look for designs you can wear even after the wedding
If yellow gold and ostentatious dragon-and-phoenix designs aren’t quite your style, worry not. Goldheart’s Si Dian Jin collections come in sleek, contemporary designs that’ll match your wedding day look.

Bonus: The sets are also suited for formal occasions and everyday wear should you wish to do so, and will make both you and your future mother-in-law look good. Win-win.

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Goldheart bridal jewellery

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