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9 things brides wish they knew before the wedding day

Don't go for that new facial right before the big day.

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#1 Beauty boo-boo

 There's no harm in getting a facial before the big day, right? Well... don't. There's a possibility of you breaking out or getting red, irritated skin. Ditto for beauty products that aren't on your go-to list. If you do want to get a facial, do it at least a week prior to your wedding day, and go for a gentle, soothing and hydrating one. The night before the wedding, try these 7 beauty tips for a flawless face


#2 Pose perfect

Unless you've had plenty of practice and are a whizz at your #OOTD shots, you might want to practice posing in front of a mirror so you're familiar with your best angles. Here are some tips on looking slimmer for your wedding photos


#3 The wedding favours

Don't place too much emphasis on the favours, especially if they're going to cost you extra moolah. A thoughful or useful gift's great, but don't fuss too much over the packaging or details - it'll likely wind up in the bin or left on the table, anyway. 


#4 Wedding DIY 

It's a great way to save cost and unleash your creative side. But take on too much and you may find yourself with too little time to focus on more important matters. Or worse, be on the way to bride/groomzilla-dom



#5 Don't go overboard with the dieting

Shedding the extra kilos to look fabulous in your gown is on many brides' to-do list. But bear in mind to do it healthily! Crash dieting or losing too much weight isn't just plain damaging to your body, you'll also wind up looking tired and haggard on your wedding day. Start early, and gun for regular exercise and healthier food options to get that dream bod. 

"Relax and enjoy - every bride doesn't do that enough. It's so easy to get lost in agonising over every detail and killing yourself with the stress. But is that how you want to remember your big day? I wish I had enjoyed mine more. I lost so much weight - I looked wasted. - Anne Koh, advertising. 

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#6 Your wedding shoes

 Killer stilettoes are just that - killer. While they do have your gams looking a mile long and your derriere looking perkier than usual, bear in mind you'll be in them all day. If yours are new heels, practice walking in them too; falling over on your special occasion is definitely going to be a bummer. Consider keeping a pair of pretty flats or wedding-worthy sneakers on hand (or ditch your heels altogether!) so you won't spend the rest of your evening in discomfort! 



#7 Spending time with your loved ones

"The post-wedding blues hit me that same night as I wished I had spent less time changing into my three gowns, and more time with my guests." - Lim Pei Mei, associate beauty editor

At the same time, carve out time (even if it's a few minutes!) to be alone with your special other - it's a day for both of you, after all.


#8 Cherish the moments

The day will seem like a whirlwind of events but every now and then, don't forget to pause for a while and take it all in - your loved ones all together and having a great time, that moment when you look in each other's eyes as your recite your vows, when your father walks you down the aisle... 

"When it was over, I was so happy to be married. But if I could relive the day, I would've thanked my parents a little more during my speech. They deserved more credit for bringing me up so well." - Yina, 28  

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#9 It's not going to be perfect

No one's going to care about the exact shade of your floral centrepieces, and don't sweat it even if you have to make certain adjustments to the timing - it's all about how you look at it. What's most important is that you're marrying the love of your life.