Image by Milk and Honey Studios from Kay and Danny’s wedding

Certainly, a bride’s wedding dress is the star of the show. Some brides will search for months, even years, for ‘the one’.

But what about the wedding shoes? A bride can’t make like Cinderella and spend the day barefoot, so how do you go about choosing the perfect wedding shoes? Here’s how. 


1. Wedding dress length

The first thing you should consider when choosing your wedding shoes is the length of your wedding dress. In this sense, it is wise to choose your wedding shoes before the dress so that the dress can be adjusted accordingly. Ensure you can walk upright and comfortably without tripping on the hem. Similarly, think about beading and embellishment on the shoes – this may catch the bottom of the dress, potentially leading to a snag or tear.


2. Make a statement

It would take a very bold and brave bride to opt for a colourful or patterned wedding dress. So, if you’re keeping things traditional with a white, ivory or cream gown but still want to make a statement somehow, consider choosing a bright coloured pair of wedding shoes. This is also a way to show off your personality as colour is a very individual thing. How about hot red, emerald green or royal blue – which could also double up as your something blue. 


3. Take caution with skyscraper heels

It’s all very well wearing skyscraper heels or platforms when you’re out with your girls, but you may need to kick (pardon the pun) this habit on your wedding day. Remember, you will be wearing these shoes for potentially 12 hours, within which time you will be doing a lot of standing and dancing. You will need your balance during your vows, especially if you feel nervous and dizzy, and above all (literally) you don’t want to be towering above your partner.


4. Flat wedding shoes

There’s no rule that says a bride must wear heels on her wedding day. True, heels add height and give you more of a feminine stance, but if you’re having a beach wedding, are blessed with height anyway or you don’t feel comfortable wearing high heels, don’t wear them! Instead, choose some dainty flat sandals with delicate beading, some cute ballet pumps with a bead embellishment (that doesn’t catch on your hem!) or some satin peep-toe slip-ons with a thin ankle strap for an elegant look without the pain.


5. Have two pairs of wedding shoes

If you are torn between fashion and comfort and you don’t know whether to choose glamorous high heels or girly flats, then why not have both? For the part of your wedding day where comfort is key, such as on the dance floor at the wedding reception, wear some satin pointed wedding shoes with a teeny heel, and for the wedding moments where your look is more important, such as the wedding photos, wear your high heels. Best of both worlds!


6. Be quirky and brave

Lace, satin or embellished wedding shoes in ivory tones are very elegant and beautiful – perfect for a wedding. But what’s stopping you being a little different if you want to be? Why not show your true colours and add a bit of character by wearing wellington boots, biker boots or cowgirl boots? Unlike your wedding dress which grabs everyone’s attention, shoes are relatively subtle and can go unnoticed, so this cheeky feature wouldn’t ruin your wedding theme if they didn’t quite match.


7. White, ivory and cream wedding shoes

Take caution when choosing shoes in the same colour spectrum as your wedding dress. They will be directly next to one another if your dress is floor length, so if they clash it won’t go unnoticed. Be sure to take your dress fabric with you when choosing shoes and compare them in daylight – not in the shop’s artificial light. You’re either looking for an exact match, or two colours that aren’t too similar. This is to avoid clashing – they could look like they’re supposed to match but don’t.


8. Wear them in

It’s wise to put a bit of ‘homework’ time in before your wedding, to ensure your shoes don’t rub your feet and cause blisters. Wear your wedding shoes around the house for a few weeks before the big day to soften them up and help you find out where they rub. You can then buy some cushioned blister plasters and know exactly where you’ll need to place them on your wedding day to prevent any sore spots.


9. Post-wedding shoes

After all the above consideration, once your wedding day has been and gone it would be a shame to simply get rid of your wedding shoes. Some brides will get them cleaned and mended if needed, and then store them in a pretty shoe box lined with tissue paper. Alternately, get your shoes dyed black or another wearable colour so you can enjoy your wedding shoes even after the big day.


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