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Skip the sugar
Having too many a sweet treat can lead to dull, old-looking or wrinkled skin, apparently. While we’re not saying you should avoid consuming sweet things entirely, you should minimise your intake to achieve clear, supple skin.

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Dairy products
Milk, cheese, yoghurt, or anything with cream and lactose in it can lead to bloating or gas. Whether you’re lactose intolerant or not, these will at least cause your tummy to feel a little fuller (not in a good way) than usual.

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Say no to certain greens
Vegetables that are supsosed to be good for your overall health such as kale are packed with cellulose, a type of fibre which is harder to break down.

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The acidity and caffeine in coffee will lead to a bloated belly, and a really nervy bride. If you’re someone who needs her regular morning joe, try and cut down gradually a few weeks or months before your wedding, so you don’t get withdrawal symptoms on your big day, especially if you’re having a morning ceremony.

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Another factor in dry skin, cut down on the alcohol if you’re looking to achieve clear, supple skin during your wedding. Beer and wine, are also notorious for causing gas and a bloated tummy.

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Keep gas levels down (you don’t want to do a dutch oven to your new husband, especially if he’s doing the traditional garter toss!) by skipping the beans. They contain a type of fiber that’s not digestible by the body.

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Junk food
Consuming fried, fatty, or heavily processed foods won’t do your body any favours in general, but they are also harder to digest, and have you feeling fuller than you bargained for.

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Pass on the salt
Salty foods contain sodium, which will cause you to retain water.

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Chewing gum, or chewy sweets
Want to freshen up before your first kiss as man and wife? Pop a mint instead of chewing gum or other alternatives. The action can introduce more gas into your system than you might imagine.

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