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Wax seals
Leave guests feeling important as they break into their invitations with nifty and adorable wax seals. Now, your wedding doesn’t have to be a vintage affair, or a grand banquet for you to affix such seals. You can obtain different wax colours (apart from red and/or gold), and seals can be customised in any monogram or logo of your choice, too.

Envelope liners
They’re just too cute! And so stylish! One of my favourites: polka-dot liners, or missoni-striped ones. You can use patterned wrapping paper, or include something sentimental, for instance, a love letter from your partner (in calligraphed font), printed and lined.

Frozen flowers in ice cubes
It’s a pretty cool idea, and it looks good, too. If you’re having a summer or garden-themed wedding, impress guests with this simple, easy-to-create project for their drinks. Simply place flowers (please make sure they aren’t poisonous) into ice trays, fill with water, and freeze.

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Patterned straws and/or parasols
It’s been done before but a good idea is worth repeating! You have to admit these are easy and pretty adornments for your cocktails.

Fun signs for your pageboy or flower girl
Everyone loves cute kids especially if they’re carrying cuter signs! Fun signs introducing your arrival make lovely photos, and will get guests warmed up before the actual ceremony. There are also several ways to word your signs, for a unique touch.

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Giant paper flowers for you or your bridesmaids
Go big for impact! If you’re not keen on carrying a wedding bouquet that’ll be thrown away or wilted after, consider carrying giant paper flowers. Whether in a bunch or a large stalk, they are easy to tote (really, you don’t want to be walking down the aisle carrying a heavy bouquet you may not be able to manage), makes for cute pictures, and can be made according to your wedding colours, easily.

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Large wedding programme
Easy and fuss-free! Instead of labouring over individual wedding programmes (we’ve heard all about the wedding party trying to scramble to get every sheet folded, and on the seats before the ceremony starts), consider having a large sign for your programme. It can come in the form of a painted wood board, chalkboard, or a repurposed mirror, that’ll also double as a welcome sign for your venue.

Push-up confetti poppers
Nothing says celebration like confetti, and we love the idea of outfitting guests individual push-up confetti poppers with cheery glittery pieces of paper for your recession. (For more ideas, see 10 fab confetti ideas for your wedding)

Bright or patterned cushions
Make it cosy and relaxed! If you’re having a lounge area during the cocktail hour, consider a few patterned cushions (you can get those easily for cheap at Ikea or any furniture store) on the sofa. The cushions can even double as props for your settings during the reception.

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