Just imagine: A zip breaks, your hairdo comes apart, or your lipstick smudges… and your bridesmaid isn’t around. It is definitely helpful to have a small bag (a pretty one that matches your gown) with the essentials you’ll need kept close to you in case of emergencies. For your ceremony, leave it with your mom or bridesmaid for safekeeping. Here’s what you should have inside, just in case. 

Eye drops 
Refresh tired or irritated peepers. If you or your groom wear contact lenses, choose one that’s compatible with your lenses. 

Whether it’s tears of joy, smudged lipstick or spills, having tissue with you is always handy. 


Try these: Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint ($36, at Sephora) colours come in soft matte finishes in a 12-hour hold. Available in 5 shades; The Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour ($22.90, at selected Watsons stores and online) , the brand’s best-selling long-wear lipstick promises intense colour pay-off and lasts up to 24 hours. Available in 17 shades. 

Between all that kissing, drinking and eating, your lip colour is bound to fade. For a perfect pout in your pictures, keep your lippie with you (Another tip to keep your lip colour lasting longer is to use lip liner in the same hue all over your puckers before applying colour. Alternatively, go for a softly blurred, smudged lip look so there’s no need to worry about your lip colour bleeding or a defined shape throughout the day.)

Bobby pins or a hair tie
Worried about your bridal hairdo coming undone or having loose strands untucked? Keep your fears at bay with a few of these in your stash.



Try this: By Terry Compact-expert Dual Powder, $69. A matte plus glow dual-compact powder that instantly mattifies, highlights, and sets makeup for allover perfection.​

Powder compact 
There’s nothing like a greasy face to ruin a good photo. And unless you’re blessed with shine-free skin, you’ll probably need at least one touch-up during the course of the day to keep your complexion fresh and velvety.



Safety pins or fashion tape
A wardrobe malfunction is the last thing you’d want happening on your big day but mishaps happen, like a busted zip or a broken strap. Safety pins or fashion tape will help keep your dress in place until help arrives (like your bridesmaid with a needle and thread).


A power bank

Okay so this is entirely up to you but with all the liaising you’ll be doing throughout the day (your vendors, bridal party and parents), as well as social media documentary (you know it), it’s highly likely your cell will be running out of juice before you know it.


Healthy snacks
If you think you won’t have much time for eating, trail mix with dried fruits and nuts, or dark chocolate help with making sure your blood sugar doesn’t dive and cause a fainting spell. Stay away from high sodium snacks! These can make you look and feel bloated. (See also: Avoid these 10 foods on your wedding day)

Cover image:  Юлия Завалишина/123rf.com